Member of the Month: Cindy Goldrick

Member of the Month Spotlight Cindy Lin

When you come to Castle Hill Fitness, you’re entering so much more than just a gym. You’re entering a community – a creative, playful, multifaceted, and innovative hub of health and fitness. Our team of over 70 talented professionals is only one aspect of this incredible community. Without our amazing clients (that’s you), we wouldn’t even be here! Each one of our members brings something wonderful to our Castle walls, and we want to celebrate their unique stories. With our Member of the Month features, we’ll cast a spotlight on a chosen individual to get to know them!

1. What makes Castle Hill Fitness special for you? 

Castle hill is a special place for me because of the friendly, family-type of atmosphere, but aso because of the quality of the trainers, instructors, and massage therapists. They all take an active interest in your overall health and well being. Also, the gym is always well maintained, with all the spaces for different types of programs and equipment.

2. How long have you been a member at Castle Hill Fitness?

I’ve been a member of Castle Hill since they opened in 2002!!!

3. What does your regular routine at Castle Hill Fitness look like? 

My weekly routine consists of a solo Pilates session on Monday morning with Desi, a private strength and conditioning session on Tuesdays with Alon Kay and then a small group Pilates session on Thursday mornings, also with Desi. I’ve also used the spa for a massage on many occasions and highly recommend that as well.

4. Tell us a little about yourself outside of the gym. What are you most passionate about? 

Outside the gym I keep a busy work and social life. I’ve been a real estate broker in Austin since 1981. I love being involved in many of the philanthropic organizations in Austin to support The Trail, Arts & Theater, JDRF (my son is a type 1 diabetic) and several other organizations that help with health, homelessness, and educational needs. I love the music scene in Austin and try to get out a lot to hear so many of the wonderful musicians who come to Austin. And, my husband and I walk the many trails and greenbelts on the weekends.

6. In your opinion, what is your greatest achievement? 

My greatest achievement would first be my 3 wonderful children, and I’m so proud of the wonderful adults they’ve become. I’m also proud of the real estate brokerage, Wilson & Goldrick Realtors, that I started and ran for 40 years I’ve absolutely loved the people I’ve met and had the opportunity to help navigate through the process of moving to Austin and/or changing homes when their lifestyle changes. Then, because of work, kids, and being active in the Austin community, we have developed a huge and wonderful network of friends in Austin.

Cindy Lin training with Personal Trainer Alon Kay on gym equipment

7. If you could give some words of wisdom to others, what would you tell them?

Staying active provides a longer and healthier quality of life!!!! It’s always been important for me to get out and walk and bike along the many beautiful trails in Austin. By doing Pilates and my strength & conditioning, I’ve been able to stay active without the lower back pain I once had issues with years ago. I’ve kept healthier and stronger overall both mentally and physically by being and staying active.

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