Ballet Barre – The Benefits and What You Need to Know

Ballet Barre – The Benefits and What You Need to Know

If you’re looking at Ballet Barre and thinking that’s not enough of a hardcore workout for you… then you are wildly underestimating this 400-year old form of fitness. Sure, it may look slow and languid, but that type of grace takes WORK. Ballet is an exercise that focuses on posture, form, and alignment, and as such, works the entire body. Even the smallest of movements can make you shake. Are you on the opposite side of the fence? Feeling intimidated when you see the flexibility and stamina exhibited by ballet dancers? Then you’re also missing out on an incredible workout that can be done by anyone and everyone! The full body benefits of ballet are universal, across all fitness levels. 

Your ballet journey can begin at our Downtown location – part of the new offerings included in the launch of our summer class schedule is Jae Hoon’s weekly drop-in small group, Ballet Barre! In this Monday Barre class, you will learn Classical Ballet to move gracefully and feel like a strong ballet dancer. The best part? No prior dance experience necessary. Learn techniques that will not only affect your day-to-day living, but can help improve your fitness performance in other areas as well. 

5 Benefits You Can Expect from Ballet Barre

  1. Strengthening and Toning of Legs and Core
  2. Increased Flexibility
  3. Improved Balance
  4. Alignment of the Spine and Improved Posture
  5. More Graceful Movements

See Jae Hoon demonstrate some of the choreography that you’ll find in this powerhouse of a class.  



4 Starting Positions to Know Before Your First Class

Almost all Ballet movements start or end with these fundamental foot positions, that also engage the external hip rotators and adductors, which helps with balance, pelvic floor strength, and overall tone of the lower body muscles. It may just look like a way to stand the feet, but these moves do require full body engagement! Make sure to keep your core tight, your spine long and in alignment, and both legs active and straight so as not to dump all your weight into one side. These four positions will prime your body to launch into the next move, and provide the overall grace and finish that Ballet is synonymous with.  

1. First Position

Demonstration of Ballet Barre First Position

The First position starts with your feet flat on the floor, heels together, and toes turned out in opposite directions.  

2. Second position
Demonstration of Ballet Barre Second Position

Slide one foot away from the other to move into Second position – you want about a foot and a half of distance between your feet. 

3. Fifth Position

Demonstration of Ballet Barre Fifth Position

The Fifth position is making two parallel lines with your feet. Position your feet in front of each other, with the toes facing outward in opposite directions. Connect the heel of the front foot with the big toe of the back, and the last toe of the front foot with the back heel. 

4. Tendu

Demonstration of Ballet Barre Tendu Toes

Tendu, or “stretched” in French, is a movement that articulates the joints and strengthens the muscles in the feet and ankles. Move one foot away from the other (like in Second position), and lift the heel. As the heel lifts, arch your foot and point your foot, pressing down with your toes.


No matter which camp you fall under, ballet is something any body can benefit from. Leap into your ballet journey by joining Jae Hoon every Monday at 1pm for this weekly small group training!


Jae Hoon Lim Pilates InstructorHailing from the nice Korea, DanceAbility-certified and Master Pilates Instructor certified Jae Hoon Lim enjoyed a professional dance career and performed nationally and internationally from 1997 to 2010. Upon retiring at the golden age of 34, he became a certified Pilates teacher and has been sharing his passion for intelligent movement with the dance and fitness community. Overcoming numerous injuries from his dance career has taught him the patience and the somatic knowledge to help clients of all ages and abilities. 

In addition to teaching his weekly Ballet Barre drop-in small group training, Jae Hoon teaches three classes on our regular weekly schedule, three of which are a part of our discounted Community class program.

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