Gobble gobble…grumble

Gobble gobble…grumble

The holiday eating season is upon us and the truth is that many of us are going to overeat at some point or indulge in rich foods that are not in our regular diet.  As a yoga teacher I could give advice on good food choices to make but even I know those kind of rules are difficult to follow when you are face to face with a bourbon pecan praline pie.

So here are some yoga postures for that inevitable moment this holiday season when you are feeling bloated and stuffed like the turkey everyone just ate.  Sneak off to a quiet room in the house, unbutton your pants and take some time to literally decompress your belly.  Don’t worry if anyone discovers you!  It will either confirm you are the fruit cake they always thought you were or they just may follow in your footsteps.

Begin with some simple twists.  This can be done laying down or sitting up.  Twists help to wring your belly out and flush fresh blood into your organs.  They also help your intestines move their contents along for elimination.


Next work on creating more space in your organic body.  My favorite pose for digestion is supta baddha konasana supported on a big stack of pillows.  This pose should feel very comfortable!  Take supports under your knees or head if needed.  Once you are there you can also gently rub your belly in circles moving from top, to your left, then around the bottom and up the right side.


Last, but definitely not least, take some time to invert.  Viparita Karani is a great pose for sending blood into the belly and for restoring your energy after the exhaustion that often comes with group gatherings.  This is another pose that should feel good and easy.  If your low back is uncomfortable take a smaller lift under your sacrum.  Focus on taking long slow breaths and feel how the expansion of your ribs and diaphragm affect your belly.  Every time you take a big breath it is like an internal massage on your organs so enjoy and breath.


Wishing you a cozy holiday season filled with good health,  peace and joy!

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9 years ago

Thank you Anna for these great tips! I am totally the type to be proselytizing the benefits of yoga and clean living. This blog is a gentle approach and nudge in the right direction! I am going to be sharing it with family over the holidays for sure!