Our fitness event calendar is your source for highly-focused one-day workshops, multi-week series, and special events designed to take your fitness to a new level. Whether there is a specific area or training style you wish to learn more about, our highly trained fitness personal trainers have a small group program for you. Browse the upcoming events below to begin studying in-depth with your favorite teachers. You do not need to be a member of Castle Hill Fitness in order to attend. Advance registration is always recommended to secure your spot in an upcoming program.

Free Weekly Workouts at Waterloo Greenway

Free Weekly Workouts at Waterloo Greenway

with Various
Mondays, Tuesdays, & Sundays

Join us this Fall for free workouts at Waterloo Greenway! The Weekly Workouts at Waterloo Fall Series features three movement sessions a week: Mondays and Tuesdays at 6pm, and Sundays at 9am. Come get your feel-good movement on with Castle Hill Fitness and various studios within our community! 

Monday and Tuesday sessions are held at the Moody Amphitheater lawn, and Sunday sessions are held at the Meredith Tree Deck. All classes are free to the community - bring your friends and a mat!



Weekly Program Includes:

Yoga + Sound Mondays 6-7pm Set some feel-good vibes for the week with mindful movement accompanied by sound therapy. Each week features a different style of yoga and live music.  Cardio Dance Tuesdays 6-7pm Kick off your evening with a dance party! A rotating schedule will cover all types of dance - tango with Esquina Tango, Samba, and more. Perfect for all levels, no partner needed. 

Self-Care Sunday Sundays 9-10am Join us for an eclectic mix of mindful movement - from Qi Gong, Yoga & Meditation, and Sound Healing, Self-Care Sunday is all about starting the day grounded and with intention.


[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="484"] The Moody Amphitheater[/caption]

Address: Moody Amphitheater 1401 Trinity St. Austin, TX 78701

Guests can find free 2-hour parking at the nearby Capitol Visitors Parking garage located at 1201 San Jacinto Blvd. and State Garage 5. Click here for more information about parking at Waterloo.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="415"] Join us for Self-Care Sundays at the Meredith Tree Deck![/caption]



Browse and sign up for each week's schedule using the calendar icon.  Note: New clients will be prompted to create a profile and place a credit card on file. The credit card is a software requirement, but all Waterloo classes are FREE and your card will not be charged. 

Castle Boot Camp

Castle Boot Camp

with Derek Morgan
Mondays and Wednesdays at 10:30am
Oct 2 - Oct 25, Oct 30 - Nov 29, 2023

The classic Castle Hill Fitness workout, Boot Camp utilizes a combo of body weight and loaded exercises to strengthen and condition your functional movement patterns. Workouts are structured around a complex circuit model that alternates muscle groups to minimize recovery time, and maximize your calorie burn. Derek combines these complex circuits with short bouts of max effort metabolic conditioning, and steady-state cardio, in a motivating team atmosphere to create our flagship cross-training series, BOOT CAMP!

Mondays will be held in the Multi-sport Room Wednesday will be held in the Outdoor Studio

October 2 - October 25 October 30-November 29 (No class on Nov. 20 or Nov. 22) Mondays & Wednesdays 10:30am - 11:30am Min 4 / Max 12

Pricing $200 Member $250 Non-members VIP 10% discount

About the Instructor Derek is a native Texan and an avid action sports athlete. Derek’s health and fitness career began as a Castle Hill intern in 2011 and has progressed to the roles of personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and management team member. Derek has experience training clients of all fitness levels with varying health conditions. His training philosophy is focused on evidence-based practices that prepare his clients for the physical and mental challenges of their day-to-day lives.

Conditioning Camp

Conditioning Camp

with Robert Reed
Monday, Wednesdays, & Fridays at 6am
Oct 9 - Nov 3, Nov 6 - Dec 1, Dec 4 - Dec 22, 2023
This class gives you a different body-transforming workout 3 mornings a week. That’s right. Your Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings could be spent with Robert Reed doing strength training, sprints, kickboxing, plyometrics, and more - in a small group. Find a new you. All levels, but no injuries, please.
*Sign up for two months at a time and save!*

September 11 - October 6 October 9 - November 3 November 6 - December 1 December 4 - December 22 (3-week series)

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 6:00–6:55am in the Martial Arts Room maximum 12


3x/wk; paid monthly members: $250/mo non-members: $275/mo

2 months discount members: $400/2mo non-members: $450/2mo



Meet Robert Robert is an ACE certified Elite level personal trainer, 5th generation 7th degree black belt in Kajukenbo self defense system and 2nd degree black belt in American Kenpo. He pulls from his experience in athletics and martial arts to give a unique workout that will challenge your limits! 


Self-Defense for Women Workshop

Self-Defense for Women Workshop

with Robert Reed
Saturday at 10am
Oct 14, 2023

Empower yourself by learning skills to help defend against an assault. Kajukenbo is a combination of five different martial arts. It is the blending of the "most lethal" aspects of karate, judo, jiu jitsu, Chinese kenpo, and kung fu.

You can expect partner work and close personal contact to simulate real-life situations. All participants are responsible and supported in setting their own limits and level of comfort. The confidence you will gain from this course alone is worth the price of admission.

This is a women's only workshop. Girls should be at least 10 years old and mature enough to handle adult subject matter.

Recommended attire: workout clothes.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 14 10am-12pm

PRICE: $45 Member $55 Non-members 10% VIP member discount

*We recommend signing up with a friend and in advance  

About Robert Reed: Robert is an ACE-certified Elite personal trainer, 5th generation 7th degree black belt in Kajukenbo self defense system & 2nd degree black belt in American Kenpo. He is passionate about helping women and girls learn how to defend themselves.

Our 21st Birthday Bonanza

Our 21st Birthday Bonanza

with Various
Monday, all day
Oct 16, 2023

Pop the champagne, Castle Hill Fitness is turning 21 years old! 

On Monday, October 16, join us for our all-day birthday bonanza. Our entire class schedule that day will be free to all! No membership required (but also, stay tuned, we're running a pretty amazing membership special all throughout October).

Of course, it's not a bonanza if we just stop there! Don't miss a special Birthday Boot Camp in our Outdoor Studio, and we'll also have special fundraising classes for The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). Join us to flex for charity - including in a class with CHF's own President, Clayton Aynesworth! 

Class registration is already open - browse our schedule and RSVP to save your spot!

Let's Celebrate! 
Ladies Boot Camp

Ladies Boot Camp

with Meadow Zittel
Thursdays at 6:15pm
Oct 19 - Nov 9, 2023

Be a part of this fantastic group of ladies and make those goals happen together! Meadow has developed a workout series that will challenge you but in a positive and supportive way. This Boot Camp combines the best of cardiovascular and strength training. Expect to challenge your mind and body as you alternate between high and low-intensity exercises through timed intervals of free weights, plyometrics, cardio training, and balance work. Whatever your specific goals, whatever stage of life - Meadow can adapt this program to get you where you want to be.

Please no current injuries or recent surgeries. 

October 19 - November 9 Thursdays 6:15-7:15pm in the Martial Arts Room

min 4, max 8

4 week program $125 members $155 non-members VIP 10% Discount

About Meadow Meadow began her fitness career as a NASM-certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor in 2010, and has a wide array of specialties and certifications. It is her desire to move towards an unrestricted lifestyle in which you can move in ways you never thought possible! She has worked with a wide variety of populations, from beginners to top athletes, and wants to meet every client where they’re at. With Meadow, YOUR goals and dreams are HER goals and dreams - you’ll crush goals together as partners!

Lift Heavy Sh*t: Barbell Training for Women

Lift Heavy Sh*t: Barbell Training for Women

with Tara Penawell
Saturdays at 1pm
Oct 21 - Nov 11, 2023

Have you heard about all the benefits of lifting heavier weights but don’t know where to start? This series is for you! We will be learning basic barbell lifts such as: barbell back squat, bent over rows, deadlifts, landmine presses, Romanian deadlifts and more. Lifts can be modified to meet any level.

Come lift some heavy sh*t in an empowering female environment! 

October 21 - November 11 Saturdays 1-2:30pm in the Arena 

Pricing: $150 Member $175 Nonmember


MEET TARA Tara has an extensive background in the health and fitness industry, with over sixteen years working as a personal trainer. Due to her education, experience, and dedication to acquiring new skills, she has helped a wide range of clients, and enjoys the diversity of working with people with different goals and backgrounds. Above all, she is passionate about helping her clients meet their goals and find the joy and satisfaction that comes along with their success.

Monthly Donation Classes

Monthly Donation Classes

with Various
Oct 23 - Oct 28, 2023
Supporting Castle's Community

Castle Hill Fitness is more than just a gym. We strive to foster a community that celebrates a person's individual journey toward a higher quality of life. As much as the individual,  the health of our overall community has always been a priority for us - and we mean more than just our fitness family. We're talking everyone.

Each month, varying classes on the Castle Hill Fitness virtual and in-person schedule will be made into donation-based classes to support a rotating chosen charity. Enjoy your favorite workouts while tending to your health AND an organization working to make a better world. Win-win! 


In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, our next donation classes will benefit The Breast Cancer Resource Center. This is a local non-profit celebrating over 25 years of offering free-of-charge navigation services to those newly diagnosed, in treatment, after treatment, or currently living with breast cancer. BCRC Navigators are trained in local and national resources and will work with you directly to provide practical guidance and help replace fear, anxiety, and doubt with information, options, and hope. Learn more here

BCRC’s mission is to empower those affected by breast cancer with personalized support and compassion. Can't make it to any of the classes but still wish to donate? Click here to donate directly to the Breast Cancer Resource Center.

Click here to see the organizations we've previously supported, and how much YOU helped raise! 

Strength Training University

Strength Training University

with Amid Archibald
Mondays at 6pm
Oct 23 - Nov 13, 2023

Strength Training University is a highly focused, small group series that will take your body back to school. Get your Masters in weight room form and manners. Working in a small group, partner format Amid will set you up for self-piloted strength workouts using our main gym weight equipment and plate equipment.

September 25 - October 16 October 23 - November 13 Mondays 6pm - 7pm in the Arena

Pricing 4 week program $150 members $180 non-members VIP 10% Discount limited to 4

About the Instructor: As a lifestyle trainer, Amid has a passion for delivering focused results to his clients. With years of struggles with body image issues and injuries due to martial arts, Amid understands the reality and relates well with his clients to help them with the pathway to better health and achieving their goals. You can expect Amid's classes to be high energy and full of surprises as he's well-known for keeping it fresh, positive, loud, tough, and fun!

Instruments of Pain Relief Workshop

Instruments of Pain Relief Workshop

with Rachael Bercey
Saturday at 10am
Nov 4, 2023

Say goodbye to the aches and pains holding you back. In this 90-minute workshop, you’ll learn simple tools to reduce or eliminate muscle or joint pain in your back, head/neck hands, knees, or feet. Techniques will include stretches and self-massage with props like the Acumobility Massage ball. Rachael will also focus on identifying habits that contribute to pain or imbalances in the body, and how to avoid them.

Take home the knowledge and power to live your best pain-free life!

This workshop is open to all levels and abilities.

Saturday, November 4th 10am - 11:30am Lotus Room Min 3 / Max 8

Pricing:  $45 member $55 non-member

Pricing Including a Pair of Acumobility Massage balls $65 Member  $75 Non-member  10% VIP Discount

About Rachael Rachael is a personal trainer and massage therapist who specializes in preventing and reducing pain, as well as an MEd with over 30 years of experience.

Hardstyle Kettlebell Swing Workshop

Hardstyle Kettlebell Swing Workshop

with Sonya Latinovic
Sunday at 1pm
Nov 5, 2023
Not all kettlebell swings are created equal.

In this workshop, you'll learn the foundations of Russian, or Hardstyle, kettlebell training. This technique emphasizing biomechanical breathing matches teaches maximal tension development, force application, and power production- all valuable tools for athletic performance.

Sonya will go over drills for the following skills: - deadlifts & planks - power breathing - 2 arm swings - 1 arm swings

Learn to breathe and brace to help you own your movements and lift weights safely!

Sunday, November 5 12:30-2pm
$35 Member
$45 Nonmember
10% VIP discount
About Sonya Sonya enjoys focusing on strength and conditioning with proper form. She believes that aging is about getting stronger, not older! Resistance training, fueling the body with nutrition, and optimizing practices for a healthy lifestyle will support lifelong skills.
TRX and Tabata Series

TRX and Tabata Series

with Danny Brooks
Wednesdays at 11am
Add some T & T to your workouts! 

Join Danny for an all-in-one strength and cardio workout! You'll work with the TRX, a suspension training system that uses your bodyweight and gravity to create challenging, low-impact exercises. These modifiable moves will be interspersed with tabata segments designed to elevate your heart rate. 

September 6 - December 27
Wednesdays 11:00-11:45am
All 4 Classes:
$112 Member
$124 Nonmember 10% VIP discount
Drop-In $32 member $36 non-member
About Danny: Danny earned his personal training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine in 2016 and committed himself full-time to supporting others’ journeys to health and wellness. He enjoys working with all populations, especially people who are new to strength training or getting back into the swing of things after an absence.