Get started, learn more, and go deep with our Pilates special events! Our Pilates event calendar features one-day workshops and multi-week series that will take your Pilates practice to the next level. Workshops can focus on a particular Principle of Pilates, or dive deep into movements on the Pilates reformer, tower, chair, or mat. You do not need to be a member of Castle Hill Fitness in order to attend our Pilates workshops or series, however, we recommend registering in advance.

Feet to Core Connection: PIlates Series

with Jaime Fruge-Walne

Thursdays at 1pm
Where does the CORE start? Surprise, WITH THE FEET.
Create mobility and strength in the feet to engage the pelvic floor and develop a solid foundation for efficient movement patterns. By building this strong base, you will begin to experience Pilates exercises in a new targeted way. Join this 4-week series to get the most out of your workouts. A stable core equals more power - and it all happens from the feet up!

This small group series takes place in our Pilates studio with 4 personal Pilates pods, HEPA air purifiers, and sanitation supplies.

No Pilates experience required. All levels welcome.


January 21-February 11 Thursdays 1-1:55pm in the Pilates Studio *limited to 4

$112 members $124 nonmembers 10% discount for VIP

About Jaime Jaime works with clients of all ages and abilities ranging from dancers and athletes, prenatal and postnatal recoveries, injury prevention and rehabilitation, and seniors. She believes Pilates can transform a person's life by incorporating its somatic principals into daily life and designs each workout based on her client's goals/needs for that specific day.

Cosmic Pilates: Winter Signs

with Celeste Knickerbocker

Sundays at 12pm
Join us for a monthly workshop connecting the movement of Pilates with the movement of the sun, moon, and stars of Astrology. The winter signs of Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Having been given the gift of staying inside, going inward, reflecting on our lives and the paths we are on...we can look toward moving forward into the brighter and warmer seasons ahead. 

The winter signs are associated with the regions of the body nearest to the earth: our base. By strengthening our knees (Capricorn), ankles (Aquarius), and feet (Pisces) we will provide a solid foundation for walking with strength and purpose through the year ahead.

Aquarius: January 24 Pisces: February 21

Sundays Noon-1:15pm

In-person workshop In the Big Room Minimum 3, Max 6

Each workshop:

$25 members $35 non-members VIP members save extra 10%


Enjoy a preview of the Cosmic Pilates workshops with Celeste's short Capricorn workout video!



Meet Celeste  With an Aquarius moon sign, the betterment of individuals and humanity comes to Celeste naturally. Growing up in a culture where astrology was considered the "norm," it resonated with her from an early age. In this unique monthly program, Celeste weaves together her experience as a Pilates teacher with her passion for Astrology.

Foundational Pilates: Equipment Series

with Brooke Howard

Tuesdays at 1pm
Establishing a strong foundation of understanding is the key to progression.
Join Brooke in this small group series exploring the principles of Pilates. Whether your goal is to join a class or gain a deeper understanding of your body, this class is designed to educate and inspire. You will have the opportunity to practice the basic foundational exercises on each piece of equipment leaving you feeling stronger, and more in-tune with your body.

This series is designed for true beginners, yet beneficial for all. No Pilates experience necessary. Limited to just 4!

February 2-23 4-week series Tuesdays 1-1:55pm in the Pilates Studio

$112 members $124 nonmembers VIP save extra 10% Please sign up in Advance

About Brooke Brooke Williams Howard was first introduced to mat Pilates for strength and conditioning as a young ballet dancer. In 2003, she began regularly practicing Pilates on equipment at Castle Hill, and this is where her love of connection of mind, body, and spirit through movement began. The Pilates studio felt like a home-away-from home, so she fulfilled her dream in completing the Peak Pilates Comprehensive certification to begin teaching. Brooke is currently continuing her education through the 18-month “Discover*Move*Inspire” post-comprehensive teacher program.

Sharing the benefits of classical Pilates with for clients in all ages and stages of life motivates Brooke. She loves that clients always leave a session feeling better than when they arrived. Her personal favorite workout is mat work, but the Wunda Chair holds a special piece of her heart. Brooke’s greatest joys in life are her two daughters, Ruth and Rebecca, and she is grateful to be able to follow her two passions, being their Mom and a Pilates trainer.

Intermediate Pilates Flow: Equipment Series

with Desi Koome, Lindsay Lark, and Clear Hadden-Gunther

Three Weekly Options!
Return to the gym in this focused, small group experience to help create length and strength on the Tower, Reformer, and Wunda chair. This intermediate flow will provide that necessary push forward, challenging the full body to achieve your goals.

Injuries welcome. Required 6 months of Pilates equipment experience.

The limit is just 4! Now with THREE options:

February 7-28 (no class Feb 14) Sundays with Lindsay 3-week series 11-11:55am

February 1-22 (no class Feb 15) Mondays with Clear 3-week series 7-7:55am

February 4-25 Thursdays with Desi 4-week series 12-12:55pm



3-Week Series $84 members $93 nonmembers

4-Week Series $112 members $124 nonmembers

VIP save extra 10% Please sign up in Advance


Located in the Pilates Studio at Downtown.


About Desi, Clear, and Lindsay Desi loves to be a part of the process of creating stronger, healthier bodies at any age. Clear believes practicing Pilates can deepen and compliment everyone’s fitness goals. With Lindsay, expect a challenging, empowering, and fun way to do Pilates. You are in good hands with these complementary teammates.