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"Erin is a great personal trainer. I'm looking forward to maybe scheduling some more sessions with her, esp. after my 14-day trial expires and if/when I sign up for a basic membership. I really enjoyed my workout with Erin. I've been in a better mood today than I have been in a long time. Not many people can make me laugh and smile as easily as Erin and the hour whizzed right by. Thanks for writing. "
  Paul B

"I don't know that I have ever been associated with a better managed facility. Your very happy client, "
  John Mobley

"Absolutely love taking classes with Annick. She has great music, the sessions are challenging, and she also helps spinners set goals and measure their progress throughout the class. Great, great, great."

"Just wanted to thank you for a great class this morning. To be honest, it may be one of the best have attended in years. The music selection was awesome and your energy level was infectious. Well done! "
  Bob Blomquist

"Deborah is absolutely INCREDIBLE ! I had been working out for many years and was looking for someone to take my exercise plan to the next level. I was looking for real results and Deborah delivered. She is highly knowledgable, fun, caring and a true fitness expert. I am finally experiencing the results that I have always wanted. She challenges me to be more in tune with my body and that has carried over into my daily activities. Not only has she made a huge difference in my life but also in my daughter's life and her fitness goals. Deborah has positively impacted our lives forever. I would recommend her to anyone, at any age, who wants to get in Pilate perfect form. "
  Sherri Taylor

"Pilates Bootcamp was so good. Deborah is incredible, I'm particularly fond of her, and Stephanie is a fantastic teacher as well."
  Pilates Bootcamp

"what is there to say? EXCELLENT customer service. now if they could just get me to come in more often.... "

""Hilary and Jessica are amazing - the two of them have kicked our butts over the past year and a half with target toning, spin and personal strength training." - Curvette, former Texas Rollergirls All-Star Captain and member of Castle Hill Fitness "
  Curvette, Texas Rollergirls

"Castle Hill has totally changed my lifestyle. The teachers are unparalleled. Now I exercise every day and I feel completely different. I hate to miss a day! "
  Janis Hydak

"All three instructors I have taken yoga with have been much better than average: articulate, knowledgeable and attentive to their pupils. "
  Byron Thomas

"Tiffany is a great trainer. She matched exercises to my fitness level and is very encouraging! "

"I loved training with Ellis. He was surprisingly challenging and I definitely had a great workout which I loved. All your trainers over there are amazing!"

"I really like the products she uses, but it's really Melvis & her skill that makes the difference."

"I've been a member of Castle Hill for over seven years now and this was my first time to attempt Pilates. Mandie made the experience very enjoyable and I look forward to learning and challenging myself more in this exercise. I would also like to say that "

"Thank you so much, you guys are definitely doing something right! I love the gym... it is by far the best one I have ever joined. "

"Erin is an experienced cyclist, a mom, and a great athlete (although she is modest enough to say that she really isn't). Fantastic teacher and excellent personal trainer."

"I have had more personal attention from your staff in one month than I did in a year and a half at my old gym. "
  Joe Wojtowicz

"She's great. Wonderful bedside manner and my skin was glowing for weeks!"

"After months of meeting employees from Castle Hill, I finally took a yoga class from Maricarmen , she is the "real deal" and reminded me why I started teaching in the first place. NAMASTE"

"This gym is not merely a place to workout like a gerbil in wheel. Castle Hill encourages you to make health and fitness a lifestyle. "
  Amy S

"Anne Schultz has a very unique approach and is one of the best yoga teachers around"

"I think you could successfully promote your environmentally conscious gym in advertising. It is so attractive to many Austinites to find a business with that commitment and very unique as well. Thanks for creating such a great space to work out in. "
  Laura Balla

"Thank You Aaron for giving me mobility in my knees! I'm pain free for the first time in a really long time."

"I had no idea that the most favorite gym that I've ever used in my life, the one that finally turned around my contempt of exercise by actually making it fun and unintimidating, also was run with the same concern and thoughtfulness for the future of the p"
  Heather Page

"I'm very proud of you and proud to be a member of Castle Hill! "
  Toni Thomasson

"Thanks for all of your help! Everyone at Castle Hill has been wonderful so far and I'm very happy that I made the switch from Pure! You all make me feel very welcome and not like just part of the crowd. "
  Jill Welch

"As I often tell my children "you have to be different to make a difference"! Castle Hill is different. "
  Julie Horvath

"INSPIRED!!!! Kate's yin yoga class and Julie's yoga for strength class both keep me fueled up and balanced in such a deep way. I crave these classes, both in body and soul, and I am so grateful for the energy they each bring to class. Castle Hill does SUCH an unparalleled job at cultivating a spirited community, authentic to the core of why we all crave movement - for health and happiness and exploration of our personal limits, right?! :) The Castle is like a gym "home" to me, and I sing its praises! Now, time for some yoga! See y'all in class!"
  Katie Visco

"Desi is everything I have ever wanted in a Pilates trainer. I have trained with her since before Castle Hill opened and she is the main reason I continued here. She is extremely knowledgeable (and I should know, I am a physical therapist), she is always wanting to learn more, she pays attention to detail, she is compassionate, she is an absolutely lovely person, as a professional and as a friend."

"I'm still a very happy member of Castle Hill. I was sad when Montserrat left but grateful for the year I had working with her. I was recently inspired to sign up for Tracey's handstand class. I really enjoy her Sunday Forrest yoga class. In Oct. I bought my daughter 10 private Pilates sessions to recover from her 2 babies in 2 years. I'm really happy that she's so into it and that she's learning so much with Stephanie. I think what I've appreciated most about CHF is the variety of choices (I never worry that I will get bored) and the excellent staff. I've always said, if I quit working and had to cut back on my expenses, my CH dues would never, ever be one of the cuts! Hair color, pedicures, organic food, cleaning lady, all that can go, but not the gym membership! Thanks for checking in! "

"I am LOVING Castle Hill and Minna is amazing. She's made huge difference in such a short amount of time. I'm recruiting friends left and right to join CH and work with her. :) "

"I have only had two treatments with KB, but have been very impressed by her. She manages to address fascial adhesions in a way that doesn't leave your muscles hurting, and I feel more "whole" physically afterward."

"Erin is a joy. She brings a wealth of information, tons of tools and years of personal experience. She wraps it all up in her bubbly personality and sense of fun. She will challenge you almost without your realizing it, soothe the rough patches of training, and tug on the reins if you try to over reach. But if all that means nothing to you, there's this: She helped me knock 45 minutes off my personal best marathon time. Maybe that's too much to expect, but you can expect to do better with Erin. "

"You’ve built an amazing community and offering at Castle Hill, and to be honest, I can’t imagine my Monday mornings without Stephanie… Or Tuesdays without Amid or Saturdays without Hilary. Thanks for a great experience! Brooke G. "
  Brooke G.

"Erin is a very seasoned trainer. She knows how to deal with people, she is highly accountable and a very pleasant person."
  Master Trainer Erin

"Erin is great. I've worked with a few personal trainers over the years and Erin is one of the best. She is adaptive, informed, and motivating. Erin's experience shows in her calm demeanor and confidence in her workouts. Erin is truly an asset to Castle Hill."
  Master Trainer Erin

"Love this gym for many reasons, mostly the awesome people that work here. Great yoga classes, especially Matt's Ashtanga and Vinyasa class at nights and Saturday, Maricarmen's Shakra in the morning. The gyms is spotless and there is never waiting for anything..Everybody knows your name here and genuinely appreciates your coming. They also have lots of extra classes, contests,and fun things to keep you motivated. Love this gym!"

"Everything is so wonderful at Castle hill. I love going there. The best thing about it is the nice, low-key vibe that the whole facility has. I travel so much in my job and wind up working out in so many different kinds of gyms around the country. Castle Hill is definitely my favorite!"
  Andrew Foote

"I love Castle Hill!! The instructors are top notch. The gym is always clean, front desk folks are super nice. "

""The combination of Tara and Dana were the perfect combination to affect change in my life. Positive motivation, educated and comprehensive nutritional advice and supportive workouts are the key to getting the results desired. Pounds lost, inches lost, "
  Debby Cole

"I saw KB for pain in my foot and knee that was preventing me from working out. I saw her for one Rolfing session and then was able to return to my normal workout two days later."

"I love Castle Hill and the people in it - thanks for all that you do for us! "
  Amy Roberts

""Robert's Back to Basics Conditioning Class is really good. He's an awesome coach. I lose track of time when I workout at Castle. Sometimes I'm in there for 2 or 3 hours and don't know how it happened." - Smarty Pants, Texas Rollergirls All-Star and member of Castle Hill Fitness "
  Smarty Pants, Texas Rollergirls

"Castle Hill is the most welcoming gym I have ever been a member of. People who work there and who attend are warm and friendly, and focused on fitness and health. "
  Jenn Lindberg

"I love being a member. It's big fun, and everyone on your staff is great: they are always friendly, curious, and professional. I really enjoy the classes; they are hard, and I would never push myself this much on my own. The instructors make it fun even though it hurts. You should be proud to have all of them on your staff, as they are what makes Castle Hill what it is--the best gym in Austin. Far as abundant joy, it doesn't get much better!"
  Wild Bill

"I have had severe knee pain due to osteoarthritis. Even though I had had ortho visc shots from my orthopedic dr I didn't have pain relief like I have had with these treatments. My knees don't ache and hurt anymore. I have also had pain relief with my back and hips and I am walking straighter. I'm so grateful that his treatments have helped me so much. He listens to me and has tailored my treatment schedule to fit my needs."

"I'm still totally crushing on Castle Hill as much now as I was when I joined 2.5 years ago. Everything about it works super well for me--the location is perfectly situated between my home and office, the facilities are fantastic and your staff is amazing. I've decided to switch up my class routine this year and transitioned from pilates to more challenging classes like Erin's Revolution Fit class and Hillary's barre class. Having noonish classes during the week is awesome and extremely helpful because I can get a workout in during my lunch hour from work and don't have to worry about trying to make it happen after a long day. And an extra special shout out to the front desk staff who are always so genuinely nice, y'all really do have a great team."
  Alica Downard

"After the first session I felt relaxed and had significantly less pain. I expected my aches to return as they usually do after regular PT sessions or massage, but my body really seemed to get back on track. I've returned to my normal gym routine with little trouble. My second Rolfing session is scheduled! KB definitely knows what she's doing."

"Tiffany is always positive, is extremely knowledgeable, and really cares about her client's progress. She listens, modifies when necessary, and is truly genuine in every sense of the word. Plus she definitely walks the walk of a trainer! She embodies health and fitness and is a trustworthy source of information. "

"Fitness is indeed more than lifting weights for body strength - Castle Hill demonstrates this! "
  Rich Armington

"In my experience on her table and watching her work, I can tell you that Jeanne is a top professional with an excellent technique and skill set. After a massage with Jeanne, I feel relaxed yet energized, free of pain and somehow taller. Jeanne has a personality that is bright and easygoing, which allows her to connect easily with clients and make them feel at ease. Her knowledge as a therapist gets to the root of the issue while bringing the body to a state of relaxation that facilitates its own healing."
  Amy L

"I love Castle Hill and continue to be happy there. Hilary has been very inspiring to me, and I have enjoyed taking her classes and getting to know her. Also, I think Carol is great, too! I asked her to give me a routine to do while on vacation this summer, and she had some great ideas. That might be a good workshop for her to lead? "
  Leah L.

"Castle Hill is different from other gyms because of the cool laid back atmosphere and it's not a meat market. What keep me coming back are the instructors. Great gym: clean, cool and just my style. "
  Melody Thames

"It is almost a family environment, very personal. This is the first time I really stick to a program simply because I truly enjoy the hour I spend at Castle Hill every day. "
  Peter Burner

"Thank you Celeste. My experience with Mo today was great. John definitely has competition. She focused appropriately on my problem area and found other adjacent areas that were an issue. Her technique was very effective. Her communication as a massage therapist was spot on. She began by listening - and then telling me what to expect and had appropriate, focused communication during the session. Awesome experience. And FYI, your front desk people have always been great and Justin [sic] today was specifically good at navigating my checkout and the communication concerning your discount. "

"I am truly inspired by your staff and the commitment they have to your patrons and members."
  Angie Houtz

"I think Tara is great. It is very refreshing to work with her and she is very motivating."

"Castle Hill is extremely fortunate to have such a talented practitioner of Rolfing in house. It is a fine balance of science and the healing arts and KB knows her craft well."

"Aaron is a gifted and excellent acupuncture specialist and a real asset to the castle"

"It is so great to be back, I love love y'all's gym! Everybody is fantastic and I'm starting to get classes back into my workout regimen. Love them all so far!"
  Kiley Grantges

"You ARE the best gym in town. Know why? Because the guy from The Bachelor doesn't work out there. And you also have the best staff I've ever seen at a gym. And I've seen a lot of gyms in a lot of places."

""Tiffany is clearly a scholar of the body. She is totally in tune to what is needed by an individual to maximize their potential in an exercise regime. She listens, is patient, conveys clear direction and is thoroughly skilled in the fitness arena...She is a gift to know and train with!""

"Know that I recognize and deeply value the loving contribution of artistic form + imaginative function = Castle Hill Fitness "
  Dianne Graham

"I love your Planet Castle Hill. It has made a huge impact on the health and well-being of both my daughter and me. Keep up the amazing work and spirit! "
  Barbara Laing

"Very happy to have Ab Attack on the schedule I hope it remains there year round. Hilary is such a great instructor always thinking of new exercises!"
  Ab Attack

"@CHFitness the nutrition workshop tonight was full of helpful info and tangible practice pieces! Thanks for putting on workshops like these!"

" I love Castle Hill Fitness and for those of you who have been there, they have some of the best trainers and yoga instructors in Austin. Last year when I lived in a darling little house in the heart of Clarksville, I had a membership to Castle Hill. At the time I would hear people talking about yoga and they would always said "Take Maricarmen's Shakti Flow class. She's the best!" Like many other 'firsts' that I've experienced during this 30 day adventure, I finally made it around to Maricarmen's infamous class. I enjoyed so many aspects of her class that I don't even know where to start. Yogic philosophy. Life advice. Sequencing. Compelling Music. Breath work. Assists. Alignment Cues. Verbiage. Radiant Vibes. E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g w-a-s i-n-c-r-e-d-i-b-l-e !!"
  Shakti Flow

"Jeanne is an incredibly talented massage therapist. I had the good fortune to receive a massage from her, and I can honestly say that it was one of the best I have ever experienced. I do not pronounce this lightly, for I am also a bodyworker and have received many highly proficient massages over the years. What impressed me about Jeanne's massage is that she was unwaveringly present and expressed a wonderful blend of intuition and strength in her touch. I truly felt that she was invested in my wellbeing. Jeanne clearly delights in her work and her sessions are infused with her natural warmth and kindness. I would enthusiastically recommend her extraordinary massage abilities to anyone."
  Colleen S

"Just what I needed to start my weekend!"

"Mel's the best! A total purist - so knowledgeable and a lovely human being."

"Everyone treats me with respect and near admiration for showing up consistently. I have made quite a few new friends. "
  Steve Jung

"I am not a member of Castle Hill Fitness, but I am a huge fan and follower of John Steinle, one of their resident massage therapists. I discovered him 5 years ago through chair massage in Central Market. John had been recommended by so many people! I finally booked time with him to see if his reputation was true, and it was! John is a gifted massage therapist. His grounded energy, calm demeanor, caring nature and knowledge of the body make him an excellent therapist. Since seeing him, I have referred many friends and my own family members. I highly, highly recommend him!-Brianna "

"I love the gym, how it appeals to young and old and how clean it always feels. I asked you a few weeks ago to fix the total body gym and was gratified about how quickly you responded. "
  Jan Dailey

"Taking Jessica's Strength Training for Body Transformation series literally changed my body and my life. I started the series underweight and without any experience in weight training. After four weeks I had a solid foundation in weightlifting technique and the confidence to work out on my own safely and effectively. I gained 10 pounds (which was my goal) and have continued to strength train and hit my fitness goals with the techniques I learned from Jessica. I highly recommend her series to anyone who is ready to dive and commit to creating a change in their body and lifestyle!"
  Strength Training for Body Transformation

"I was very impressed with Kim's ability to manage the class. She made everyone feel comfortable and it was one of the best Yoga classes I've been to."

"Loved Ari - one of my favorite instructors. He knows just the right moves to help athletes with tight muscles."
  Power Yoga

"The Castle never lets me down!!! This month is my 3 year anniversary!! I could not ask for a better gym or a more delightful group of dedicated athletes to staff it. "
  Anna Krachey

"I am enjoying the gym so much. I have tried 3 gyms in my adult life and never went more than a handful of times...I like that Jenn knows my name when I check in. Thank you for creating a great atmosphere for me to get healthy!"

"Castle Hill Fitness is an exceptional place. Thanks for providing such a first class facility and group of people. "
  Randy Rice

"Jess has transformed my entire life through training with her. I feel stronger and more motivated than ever, and it is 100% due to her encouragement. She pushes me and challenges me, but also makes it feel like I am working out with a friend. I can't say enough good things about her!"
  Jessica W.

"I am one of the first clients of Castle Hill and it is truly my home away from home as well. I can honestly say that I am in better shape and health since faithfully going to this gym. This well-being makes me a better person toward everyone. "
  Janet Sullivan

"Your gym is the best! And I am proud of your commitments to your love for health, life and the environment. "
  Katherine Butler

"Thanks for caring about the environment. I have been very happy at the Castle. "
  Penny Hobbs

"Gillian is an outstanding instructor with a great approach."
  Yoga Wall

"John is a master. I have recommended him to many with all saying "you said he was good but...wow "he is the best masseuse ever ANYWHERE."

"I really really love it. Have been doing cycling classes consistently and went to Robert's kickboxing class yesterday for the first time. It was excellent! I really wish I could come even more but my mom duties hold me back:) "
  Jennifer Melrose

"Yoga tone - Loved it! I was sore for days but knew it was a great workout. Combined strength training and toning with the meditating and core balance of yoga!"

"Thanks - the class was awesome. Dido was welcoming and gave me the confidence I could do some of those poses."

"Charly's teaching really exemplifies the heart opening quality of Anusara yoga. Through discussion and asana practice, he expanded our connection with our selves and the world around us. He coached our group with care and with his encouragement my practice grew to an entirely new level. I am so glad that I participated in this yoga immersion."
  Anusara Immersion

"I love Anna Gieselman's Hatha Yoga class on Tuesdays. She was substituting the class for Paula but I would love to see her teach more classes at Castle Hill in general and some more during the late afternoon and evening hours. She is a fantastic teacher and every class was different and great. I highly recommend her and hope to take many more classes with her."
  Emily E.

"I love the little community you've created at Castle Hill... thanks for all your work! "
  Lesley Ramsey

"Mandie is very knowledgeable and took the time to not only explain how to do the exercise on the equipment, but why the equipment was created. She was very patient with the group in setting up their machines. When we used the same equipment the next week,"

""Each time I leave the spa I am literally glowing!""

"Boot camp was so hard!! I have really, seriously, lost a lot of the strength I had before the wedding! At one point I thought I wouldn't make it through the class, but I made it:). Robert is hilarious. He pushed me to my limit and actually brought out some sass in me, but then had me laughing and pushing myself. I promised him that I would get stronger by the end of next week. My goal is to not stand out as the weakling. Everyone in the class was super encouraging also. So, that's my report from day 1:)"
  AnnaSummer Harrison

"No exaggeration, you are the best, brightest, seriously talented, and the loveliest people! Front desk makes the CH experience all the more better. Keep it up! "

"I must tell you that I have belonged to many gyms and I am in love with working out at Castle Hill… I am 6 pounds lighter today… I feel so much better. "
  Aimee Deputy

"Can't tell you how fortunate I feel to be hooked up with Carol and Tracey. They are knowledgeable, professional and both way cool. That gym is a lot cooler than I thought it would be. I abhor gyms but that place almost feels like the Clarksville YMCA. A real grab bag of folks working out. Front door staff is nice too, which is a plus. "
  Patrick K.

"Justin serves an awesome Revolution FIT. I am excited that this class is now on the schedule and that "
  Revolution FIT

"Melvis is great. My favorite esthetician at the Castle and in Austin overall."

"I enthusiastically praise Jerry as a trainer. He has solid information to pass on, he is imaginative in finding new ways to solve problems, he knows just how intense to make the workout so that you go forward but don't get discouraged."
  I'm his fan, L

""I could not dream up a more ideal or inspiring environment to strive for my fitness goals within, than Castle Hill Fitness. All of the staff, from the front desk concierge, to the dynamic group of trainers out on the floor or leading a class at any given time, to the behind the scenes team, make a genuine commitment to supporting their gym members. I consistently see my passion for holistic health and fitness, as well as my specific training interests as an athlete, mirrored back at me. Any gym can have a wide range of equipment or alluring amenities, which Castle Hill most certainly has - but what makes this space unique is the personalized acknowledgment and the combined effort to create an atmosphere that is simultaneously comfortable and motivational. I love working out with my roller derby teammates, but our sport and my personal goals as an athlete demand off-skates cross-training. As a member of Castle Hill, I find myself amongst a fitness community, supported and motivated in all of my cross-training endeavors." - Molotov M Pale, Texas Rollergirls All-Star and member of Castle Hill Fitness "
  Molotov M Pale, Texas Rollergirls