New Spa Package: Anatomy Trains 3 Series

An Anatomy Trains Structural Integration 3-Series is an introduction to structural bodywork.

The 3 series uses the principles of Structural Integration to integrate the pelvic girdle, shoulder girdle, and spine. Each session ends with gentle balancing work. Clients often leave each treatment feeling lighter or more grounded.

Package Includes: 3, 75-minute sessions for $180
available for a limited time with Thomas Damron

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What is Structural Integration?

  • Structural Integration is a systematic method of bodywork that seeks to initiate change for the better in your posture and your movement via connective tissue (fascial) manipulation.
  • It is a collaborative process between practitioner and client that takes place over a finite series of sessions designed to relieve symptomatic pains or presenting problems by raising the functioning of the whole system.
  • It is based on the recognition that patterns of movement, posture, and strain happen to the whole person not just the corner where pain shows up.

What are the goals of the 3-Series?

  • Session 1: Pelvic girdle and legs
    -Balance the lower limbs and pelvic girdle
    -Enhance awareness of postural patterns
  • Session 2: Shoulder girdle and arms
    -Open the breath via the ribs and abdominals
    -Balance the shoulder girdle on the ribcage
  • Session 3: Spine
    -Connect the shoulder and pelvic girdles via the spine
    -Find ease, balance, and fluid movement in the spine

What are the sessions like?

  • Each session begins with a client check-in regarding your history and current habits followed by a postural assessment to help determine a unique strategy for your session.
  • The bodywork is mostly conducted on a treatment table but also utilizes seated and standing postures to make the work more advantageous for us both.
  • The practitioner will use his or her fingers, hands, or arms to contact certain tissues and then ask you to move in specific ways while these tissues are opened and realigned.

What Should I Wear?

Like with other Structural Integration and M.A.T. sessions, clients wear clothes during the sessions as they are asked to stand and move around in the room. 

  • Most women wear either underwear or a two-piece bathing suit that allows full access to the back.
  • Most men receive the work in boxers or briefs.
  • You will want to come to your session without any moisturizers, lotions, creams, or oils on your skin as it will impair the work.
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