Unwind with a Monthly Massage Membership

Monthly Massage with VIP Plus Membership


Who doesn’t want a monthly massage? (we don’t know them). Our VIP-Plus level membership gives you unlimited fitness options AND keeps your body and well-being in check with a 60-minute monthly massage. Our Wellness Spa is nestled in the heart of our club because recovery is close to our hearts. 

All members receive everyday discounts on Training and Spa services, a birthday service discount, and a monthly guest pass to gift to a friend. Our monthly memberships require no commitment and are designed to meet you where YOU are in your health and fitness journey.  

VIP PLUS! All-Access Benefits Include: 


    Rhonda's 17 years of experience speaks for itself! Excellent touch & energy!Aaron is considered to the best acupuncturist in Austin. After my recent treatment, I would agree!Great classes and a well-rounded balance of cardio, strength and yoga.


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    Linda McClure
    Linda McClure
    2 years ago

    Does membership include Watsu?