Dermaplaning vs Dermafiling

Dermaplaning vs Dermafiling
dermaplaning before and after photo

Dermaplaning before (left) and after (right)

What is the difference between dermaplaning and dermafiling?  Dermaplaning is the leading alternative to microdermabrasion. This is an exfoliating treatment that promotes healthier, younger looking skin since the first treatment. It enhances collagen production and product penetration, making your anti aging serums work more effectively. Performed by a license esthetician, this procedure uses a surgical blade to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin as well as facial hair and some pore congestion, such as black heads. There is no pain and no downtime with dermaplaning.   Will my hair re-grow darker, coarser or more?  The answer is no. Facial hair is not the same as hairs say on your legs or head and nor is it the same in a woman as it is in a man.   How often can I do it? Since the effects last about a month, once a month is recommended combined with a classic facial tailored to your specific skin needs.   If I do it once would I have to keep doing this same treatment all the time? Not unless you love it so much and your esthetician considers that it is right for you at the time of visit. *This treatment cannot be performed on cystic acne or any open lesions present in the skin.   If there is no downtime can I go workout or run right after? We highly recommend staying out of the sun the day of and the day after your treatment, as well as staying away from high heat such as saunas or intense cardio. Use of sunblock SPF 30 or higher is required daily. You should not exfoliate at home with scrubs or acids for at least a week. Use of serums with AHA should be suspended the day of and day after the treatment.   How long does it takes? Can I come for just that? Dermaplaning takes about 30 min. and it is only sold as an ad on to facials for $40.00. You can book a mini facial for 30 min and come for this service for a total cost of $95.00 (Most places charge well over $100.00) Call 512-478-4567 for more information or go to    
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