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In Astrology, the positions and movements of the cosmos and planets hold a lot of sway in our characters and how we connect with the world. Our individual astrological signs even offer insight into our ideal exercises! Pilates Instructor Celeste offers a deeper look into each Astrological sign’s personality traits and exercise style in this monthly blog series – this month is all about Scorpio.


October 23 – November 22

Symbol: The Scorpion (Alternatively: Eagle, Snake)
Body Association:  The reproductive system, sex organs, excretory system
8th House: Other people’s property and money, inheritances, investments, taxes, death, sex drive, survival instinct. Ruled by Pluto – how we deal with power and change.   

To strengthen the body parts associated with this sign, the following Pilates exercised are practiced: 

Single Leg Bridge: This is your symbol move because it resembles a scorpion, with tail held high. 
Jacknife: Your Power move! An advanced move that works the deepest core and root chakra.
Snake: Centering move, as your alternate symbol is the snake, this helps your center while transitioning through the movements.

Scorpio Motto

I desire a deeper and sincere connection with myself and others.”

Food for Thought

Scorpio, you have a reputation as the “bad boy/girl” of the zodiac…as if you wear a sign that says, “Caution, trespassers beware.” Yet you’re magnificent, enigmatic, and imbued with a mystery like none of the other signs: a hall of mirrors. You operate from the sacral chakra point, the most densely populated region of the physical body – the last area to decompose after death. How many secrets do we bury there? How many emotions are stored in the womb, not just our own but that of our offspring, too? Scorpio understands death and rebirth on the deepest level – a level many will never comprehend. You feel it in your “gut”. Your strong drive for deep connection and intimacy stems from this place. Your energy goes beyond ordinary ideas – it’s transcendent. You can escape into the “dark night of the soul” where healing, recovery, and understanding begin. Much about you doesn’t meet the eye, and you desire secrecy…but are you hiding from yourself?

Physical You | Scorpio Movement Personality

You’re passionate about all things in life, Scorpio, and exercise is no exception. Although you’re mysterious, you do like to be in control, so harness your intensity to guide your workout routines. Choose empowering, invigorating workouts that help ignite your passion to move. Whether on land or water, intense workouts driven by an adrenal rush are ideal. Swimming laps is perfect for you as it reminds you that you’re in charge while surrounding you in your element: water. You’re also suited for solo running, allowing you to harness your intensity while pounding out your “stuff” on the pavement. Aqua exercise classes are enjoyable for you because they challenge the body while using water resistance on all your major muscle groups. HIIT and Tabata, with timed intervals, can crank up the intensity as well. 

Scorpio, it’s difficult to be intense in a world where many reluctantly display or encounter intensity. So supplementing your routines with mind/body exercise is ideal to help mellow you out. It’s also good for you to incorporate routines that strengthen your core from the root chakra, the center of your spiritual power. Yoga and Pilates both work on strengthening the root chakra (pelvic floor) while helping to take the edge off. 

The Best Advice for Scorpio Friends:

Your intensity contributes to your fixed traits of dedication, determination, and stability. You can be obsessive about research. Before starting a new fitness regimen, you learn all the facts and possible impacts. By and large, you don’t like authority. You like to take charge of things and hold on relentlessly to something you believe in. You were gifted with the power to change the status quo, to make things better. 

Learn to persevere without using unjust or self-destructive methods. Otherwise, you might become your own worst enemy, like a cornered scorpion that stings itself to death. Paradoxically, the same drive to control gives you the power to be transformed. When you surrender to the moment and go with the flow, you can experience the magical side of life. 

Personal You | Going Deeper

Scorpio season reestablishes the relationship between heaven and earth. In the natural world, major changes take place in preparation for the advent of winter. Life at this time of the year shifts into survival mode. Days grow shorter and darkness overtakes the light. We’re challenged to look deep within ourselves to keep our internal lanterns lit as we tend to our inner shadows. Scorpio, your mind is closely intertwined with the subconscious. Learn to take time out and separate the two to avoid being moody and unresponsive. In times of distress, you can be easily wounded but can react with a rare combination of emotional empathy and cool detachment. 


Scorpio is the sign that rules sex, death, and the occult. With these in your energetic wheelhouse, you’re not easy to read. You can throw people off with your intense reserved ways, appearing untouchable. You usually keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself because they’re too deep for mere words. “Still waters run deep”, and we imagine Scorpio water sitting at the bottom of a deep, dark well. This energy drives you to dig into your hidden parts, where you can slip into an inner emotional abyss to wrestle demons. Like all water signs, you’re extremely sensitive to your environment and emotionally reactive, causing inner turbulence. Yet emotional avoidance keeps you hidden from personal contact, which is a lonely place to be. 

Born with hardwired survival instincts, you protect yourself with an armor akin to the scorpion. However, yours is made of mystery and intrigue. Problem-solving is your forte and you love a challenge. Like a psychic detective, you open people’s minds to reveal their deepest secrets, which makes you excellent doctors or therapists. The forbidden or unusual attracts you like a magnet, and compulsions or odd behaviors don’t faze you one bit. Of the sun signs,  you’re the best at slicing through to the truth. You want to feel an emotional and psychic connection, so you like to be confided in…but what about sharing your own stuff once in a while?


Scorpios gain a certain power from guarding others’ secrets or indiscretions. You’re fiercely loyal and expect the same in return. You don’t easily let go, and you try not to disappoint or betray. Your armor confines your trust issues, so references and background checks are right up your alley. You poke, prod, and push boundaries to see what someone is made of…and if they’re worth it. When getting to know others, however, it’s important to maintain an open and light approach. Don’t get stuck looking for the problem to the point of ignoring the positive outcome. 

Transformational understanding is Scorpio’s superpower. This soul power rules the act of changing physical desire into wisdom. You’re the alchemist turning lead into gold by evolving at a core emotional level. Differentiation and elimination are imperative in transformation, indicated by Scorpio’s rulership over reproductive and digestive organs. It’s similar to the other Scorpio symbol, the snake, shedding its skin. Finding a resolution is the most important part of transforming a situation – letting go of the problem and celebrating a joyous rebirth. You can experience that magic of rebirth daily when you let go of your fear of losing control and let the natural flow of what’s best to occur. Remember, you were never in control anyway. Your first step in spiritual growth is listening to your soul’s quiet longing to be heard. Your values must be impeccable. Live up to your standards to purify your ego and surrender to the soul!


 Celeste discovered Pilates at an early age while studying dance in LA. She has a life-long passion for movement and has transferred that love to helping others move well. Celeste is comprehensively certified in Pilates, GYROTONIC, and TRX. She has helped clients of all ages and abilities to move better since 2011. 

Learn more about Celeste, see her class schedule, or connect about private training here! 

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