Pandemic Skincare Tips (Plus Face Mask Recipe!)


We’ve spent a lot of time making sure your body is staying active during our COVID closure, but let’s take a moment and talk about another pretty important organ – your skin.  We’re pretty sure that during a pandemic, skincare is furthest from your mind. However, our skin’s condition is actually a very practical visual cue to how well our body is handling the stress of these times.

You’re probably already doing a lot of things to keep your immune system in prime condition like staying hydrated, eating as much fresh or frozen produce in lots of different colors – bonus! These things also keep your skin healthy. But what else can we be doing? Our resident skincare esthetician, Ciara Conway, is here to share her top pandemic skin care tips and home care strategies.

Collagen Powder Mix


  1. START SUPPLEMENTING. Due to the state of our grocery stores right now, we might be eating only what’s available, not what’s best for our skin (and that’s completely OK). Simply taking a daily multi-vitamin is a great way to fill in nutritional and mineral gaps.  
  2. I love to DRINK HERBAL TEAS.  I usually have green tea during the day and a Rooibos tea at night.  Rooibos has more healthy antioxidants than even green tea and it’s naturally caffeine-free, making it perfect for a cozy evening treat.

  3. I also love to use a COLLAGEN PROTEIN powder every day. Collagen supplements are great for skin, hair, and nail, plus joints and gut health. Collagen powder is flavorless and dissolves quickly, so I just add it to my daily tea. Make sure to look for one from grass-fed cattle, like the Vital Proteins brand.


I always tell my clients that home care is vital for great skin.  Facials are amazing and extremely helpful, but if you’re not using professional home care, the results aren’t going to last as long.  If we use the 80/20 rule, facials are 20% and homecare is 80%.

  1. SERUMS ARE A MUST. Serums are the hardest working product you can use.  The small molecules penetrate deep into the skin and get work done!  Apply your serums on your chest, neck, and face.  Any extra use on the back of your hands.
  2. EXFOLIATE. Do a weekly exfoliator. I always use mine in the shower because the steam makes them work a little better and it’s easy to rinse off. Add in a weekly mask (scroll down to see my homemade recipe). Who says you can’t still have a spa day when your spa is closed?!


Oatmeal Turmeric Face Mask

Turmeric has amazing antioxidant properties and oatmeal is soothing and moisturizing.  Use this mask to brighten and hydrate your skin!

turmeric face mask


  • ½ cups oats
  • 1.5 tsp turmeric
  • 2 Tbs healthy oil (I like Jojoba or Avocado)
  • Optional – 2 Tbs honey for antibacterial properties
  1. Blend the oats and Turmeric in a coffee grinder or food processor until it’s a coarse powder consistency.
  2. In a bowl, mix together the oats and turmeric with the oil (and honey if using), add water till you get a spreadable paste consistency.  Spread it on your face with your hands or with the back of a spoon.  Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse completely.  Finish with your serums and a moisturizer and enjoy your glowing skin!



Ciara Conway Esthetician photo Ciara Conway is a licensed esthetician and has been in the industry for over 10 years. She is passionate about helping people achieve their skincare goals as naturally and holistically as possible. With an extensive background in adult-onset acne, mature skin needs, and rosacea, she can help get your skin glowing and acting youthful. 

Ciara is available for virtual skin consultations during our Covid closure. 

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Sally Hunter
Sally Hunter
2 years ago

Thank you Ciara! I hope you’re well. I would love to know what exfoliator you recommend for us older folks.