Exciting Updates Coming to 360!

Celeste Cardio Interval Pilates Class
This May holds many exciting updates for our 360 facility


Our 360 class schedule will now feature even more classes that will be included with your membership, featuring the newest addition to our Personal Training departmentMadeline!



Integral Barre with Madeline
A functional barre class that begins with a centralized warm up to get the heart rate up, transitions into movements at the barre or stall bars for balance and conditioning, and finishes with mat work to improve range of motion and core stabilization. 


6:30-7:30pm Cardio Dance with Madeline
A high-intensity cardio dance class that includes a brief interlude of resistance-based exercises using blocks, weights, and resistance bands to work on strength and endurance. No dance or strength training experience necessary. Let’s party! 



Cardio Interval Pilates with Celeste
Use the jump board and other high intensity moves to break a sweat in this fresh take on equipment Pilates! To get the full benefit of the class students must have a working knowledge of the Pilates terminology and principles. 


High/Low Strength & Cardio with Jeremy
Get a little bit of everything in this high speed, low weight strength and cardio class. Jeremy will mix body weight exercises using a variety of props like BOSU, Gliders, med balls, and weights to keep the body guessing! 


Stretch & Shine Yoga with Madeline
Join Madeline for a well-rounded weekend yoga class! Expect to move your body, tune in to your breath, and calm the mind. You earned it. 


Check out the weekly class schedule and our Instagram for the latest updates and to learn more about these classes!



Now you can bring your little one in to get your evening and weekend workout in

New childcare hours:

Monday 8am-1:30pm & 4-8pm


Wednesday 8am-1:30pm & 4-8pm
Thursday 8am-1:30pm
Friday 8am-1:30pm
Saturday 8am-1:30pm

Stop by during the evening and weekend times to meet our newest childcare provider, Kristine! 



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