Kettlebell Contenders!

You may have seen one of our trainers, Minna Miller, practicing high volume kettlebell lifting the past two months. She has been training for a competition with kettlebells, known as Kettlebell Sport or Girevoy Sport. The competition is judged based on number of repetitions and the weight of kettlebell used in the athlete’s weight category, challenging the strength, endurance and willpower of the athlete. This Saturday 1/21 Minna and Castle Hill client, Mary Murchison will be competing in the kettlebell sport event biathlon. It consists of 2 events, jerk and snatch, which are done in succession. In each event, the competitor is allowed 10 minutes to repeat the lift with only one arm change, keeping the kettlebell moving and the entire set. In order to achieve the high volume of lifts, the technique must be perfected, and the complete integration of body and mind are required in order to perform the high intensity 10 minute set. During the set, the competitor’s heart rate, oxygen depletion and calorie burn raise to intense levels, challenging both the strength and cardiovascular system. The competition is a small local event held here in Austin at Punch Kettlebell Gym at 10700 Anderson Mill Rd Suite 300 , competition starts at noon. Go Minna! Go Mary!
Minna Miller, Kettlebell instructor + Personal Trainer

CH Trainer and Certified Instructor, Minna Miller, competes in a kettlebell comp this Saturday!

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Go Minna! Go Mary! You chicks are hard core bad @$$es!


Thanks Sandra! It’s Buns of Steel, gravity defying work!! 😉