Important Changes Coming to CHF

Important CHF Updates for 360 Location
To our Castle Hill Fitness Community –  

No one can deny that the last two years have collectively changed us on many levels. As a member of Castle Hill Fitness, you have witnessed some or all of the changes our clubs have made during that time: we started virtual services and classes, transformed the gym to workout pods with HEPA air purifiers, and adjusted policies to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances. The focus has been to maintain a safe place to work and workout.  


As a small business, the financial strain of operating two locations during an ongoing pandemic is taking a toll. It is, for this reason, we are announcing that we are consolidating Castle Hill Fitness down to one location. Our last day of operations at the 360 location will be April 1, 2022. Extraordinary efforts to avoid this outcome but we have run out of feasible options. By consolidating to a single location, Castle Hill Fitness will be immediately in a better financial position. It is not easy to make significant changes of this kind, but it will create stability for Castle Hill in the long term.  


What about the staff?  

We love our staff! The 360 staff team are invited and encouraged to stay as we unite both teams into one location at Downtown. We are working with them individually over the coming weeks to discuss their options.  


What about the classes? 

Our class schedule will remain unchanged while 360 is open. We are working directly with teachers on what the downtown schedule will look like after April 1. 


What about my membership?  

Members can use the 360 club until April 1. After that, all members are welcome to visit our downtown location at 1112 N. Lamar Blvd – your membership gives you access today. Your monthly membership will continue unless you submit a change, please contact our Membership Accounts Specialists at  

What about Downtown?

We will have the opportunity to bring some equipment from 360 to Downtown. Our staff team together with your feedback will get to redefine some areas of the gym and how they can best serve the people that use them. Do you have equipment you love? Please let us know at  

Starting April 1 our Downtown hours will extend to 9pm Monday-Thursday and until 6pm on weekends. We look forward to moving with you in additional classes and service offerings as they move over.  


While our physical spaces might be changing, the heart of our community – the people – are still here. Your support for Castle Hill Fitness is the main reason we are here today, and that support will continue to carry us into the future. Thank you for allowing us to live our passion for helping others. We look forward to growing stronger together.  

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Susie Dudley
Susie Dudley
1 year ago

We love Castle Hill. Have had Jerry as a trainer and dear friend for almost 20 years.

And Desi is fabulous. Love Pilates with Desi.

And Aaron helped me recover from surgery.

Susie Dudley