Twelfth Anniversary Celebration

Twelfth Anniversary Celebration
On October 16th, 2014, CHF trainers, members, staff, workmen, and … even inanimate objects… all wore PARTY HATS! Why? Because it was a party! Castle Hill Fitness celebrated its 12 Year Anniversary with style, smiles, fruit and cheese plates, and party hats. Also noteworthy over the celebration week were our SPA DEMO DAYS when our masterful Skin Care, Massage Therapy, and Rolfing staff gave out lots of free service samples, turning on lots of new clients to new services being offered in the Wellness Spa. Scroll down to check out some of the action shots! twelve-years-2twelve-years-0   twelve-years-3twelve-years-14twelve-years-1 twelve-years-4 twelve-years-5 twelve-years-6 twelve-years-7 twelve-years-8  twelve-years-10  twelve-years-12 twelve-years-13 twelve-years-9  
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