Kettlebell Workouts: Full Body Strength

WITH Minna Harman  Noon Mondays or 7 a.m. Tuesdays

Build lean muscle and improve your cardio health while effectively working your entire body! In this small group training series you will learn and use correct Kettlebell technique and biomechanics, reduce your risk of injury, and gain fast results both in strength and endurance. We limit the group size to allow individual attention for each participant. Kettlebell training improves coordination and teaches your body to use the entire kinetic chain to improve athletic and sports performance. Build a leaner YOU with Kettlebell!

Monday's classes are great for All Levels
Tuesday's classes are Intermediate/Advanced level

Not sure which level you are? Email to find out which series is best for you!
*If you have injuries, please seek prior approval from Minna

$110 members
$121 non-members
Space is limited to max 8

Minna Harman is a IKFF Certified Kettlebell teacher and Master Personal Trainer. She will get you started on the right foot to add a dynamic component into your training regimen!
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Fall Fundamentals: A Seasonal Strength Series

WITH Chad Kraus  6 p.m. Wednesdays

Just cause the leaves are falling doesn't mean your fitness has to! In this four-week series, Chad will take your base knowledge of strength training and layer on power and balance. Expect to use complex barbell movements to hit new personal bests while focusing on your body's overall function. In keeping with the season, you will have a cornucopia of props to improve your balance. This series is not ideal for beginners or anyone with injuries.

Wednesdays at 6pm-6:55pm OR
4-week series
In the Arena/Main Gym
October 18-November 8

$100 members
$124 non-members
Max 6, Min 3
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Ladies’ Early Bird Boot Camp

WITH Hilary Chung  6 to 6:55 a.m. Tuesdays + Thursdays

A female only early morning fitness series. Sign up for some early morning sunshine! Hilary has developed a workout series that will challenge you but in a positive and supportive way. Expect to tone, tighten, and get breathless with other fantastic women! Please no current injuries or recent surgeries. In you have questions please email
Limited to 20, VIP Extra 10%
$72 members
$90 non-members
(6 sessions over 3 weeks)
in the Multisport Room

Fall Dates: 
Sep 5-21
Oct 3-19
Oct 24-Nov 9
Nov 14-30**
**No Class November 23 (Thanksgiving)**
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Conditioning Camp

WITH Robert Reed  6 a.m. Monday, Wednesday, Friday


This class gives you a different body-transforming workout 3 mornings a week. That’s right. Your Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings could be spent with Robert Reed doing lunges, sprints, and more. Find a new you. All levels, but no injuries please.

*Sign up for both months and save!*

3x/wk Monday, Wednesday + Friday

$225 members
$245 non-members

*sign up for two months @

$350 members
$375 non-members

September 6 - 29
October 2 - 30
November 1 - 30
December 1 - 29
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Strength Training University

WITH Amid Archibald  6 a.m. and 4 p.m. Wednesdays

Strength Training U is a highly focused, super small group series will take your body back to school. Get your Masters in weight room form and manners. Working in a small group, partner format Amid will set you up for self-piloted strength workouts using our main gym weight equipment and plate equipment.

November 1-29
December 6-January 3

5 week program
$125 members
$155 non-members
limited to 6.

Inquire to join this group email
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The Turkish Get Up: A Skills Workshop

WITH Minna Harman  12:15 to 1:15 p.m. Sunday

Get a full body workout in a single exercise. The Turkish Get Up, or TGU teaches you how to lift-specifically, how to move with and under heavy weight. It's a fantastic way to learn body awareness and body control, improve your balance and biomechanics, and build core strength to produce force for athletic power.

This workshop is appropriate for all levels and you do not need previous kettlebell experience. Progression will be based on your fitness and skill level. Beginners will learn the basic technique, intermediate and advanced participants will improve technique and learn drills to challenge themselves.

Pre-registration is required.

Sunday, November 19 or
Sunday, December 17

$30 for member/non-member
Limited to 8
in Martial Arts room
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Fall with Grace: A Balance Workshop

WITH Minna Harman  11 a.m. to noon Sunday

Avoid fall-related injuries and learn to fall gracefully!
While it's hard to avoid tumbles in this fast-paced world, there is a better way to fall that is safer on your body! This workshop will focus on balance and mobility drills, core strengthening exercises, and progressive falling techniques that can keep you protected in the event of a spill. Get ready to tumble!

Appropriate for all levels; clumsiness welcome.
Pre-registration is required.

Sunday, November 19
Sunday, December 17


Max 10, minimum 3
$30 for member/non-member
in the Martial Arts room
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Get Swinging: Kettlebell Swing Workshop

WITH Minna Harman  1:30 to 3 p.m. Sunday


And it's no wonder - Kettlebell exercises build stamina, athletic power, and your core. Learn how to execute classic moves using this prop correctly! This 90 minute event is great for any level. If you are a beginner, you'll learn safe and correct swing technique. While experienced participants will get a tune-up on their form, learn various swings and progressions to build strength and stamina.

Working through injuries? Contact Minna in advance at
Pre-registration is required.

Sunday, November 19
$45 for all
min 3, max 8
in the Martial Arts room

Meet Mina
Minna Harman is a Master Personal Trainer, Level I & II IKFF certified instructor, and a KBC certified kettlebell lifting coach. She has competed in kettlebell sport and studied hard and soft style kettlebell techniques since 2010.
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Get Kranked!

WITH Bryan Lepley 6:30 a.m. Tuesdays + Thursdays


Then you haven’t gotten kranked! Using the upper body machine the KRANKcycle® this small group training session will improve your core and upper body strength without a single crunch or bicep curl. Give your legs a break and still get a great cardio workout in just half an hour.

Appropriate for all levels.
To join this group email

Meets Tuesdays 6:30am-7:00am or
Thursdays 6:30am-7:00am
limited to 6, minimum 3
Small Group Studio

open to members & non-members. Group training rates apply.

Meet Bryan
Bryan Lepley is a master KRANKCycle® instructor & Master Personal Trainer who is no stranger to upper body workouts. With over 20 years of experience, he’s got your ticket to the gun show.
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30-Day Anywhere Fitness Challenge

WITH Hilary + Amid Start Anytime!

Stay consistent with your workouts with Hilary and Amid's 30 Day Fitness Challenge. This month of workouts requires minimal to no equipment and is designed to go with you. Workouts are short, so even the most time-crunched schedules can fit it in!

What's Included:
- 30 Day Printable Workout calendar
- 30 Days of Workouts designed by Hilary and Amid

This plan is designed for all levels. You can add-on, repeat circuits, or modify depending on your fitness level. Most exercises are kept basic and easily searchable online for demonstrations.

$49 members
$79 non-members

This is a virtual product. Please select "In Store Pick-Up" to avoid paying a shipping fee. After purchase please allow 48 hours for the information to be delivered via email.

Workouts will require a set of dumbbells and a jump rope.
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