In Memory of Paolo Minissi Bike Ride

Paolo Minissi at the Tour Das Hugel 2005

There will be a bike ride in memory of our founder, Paolo Minissi, on Sunday, Nov. 25th, 2012 + open to the public/all are welcome.

Leaving from Castle Hill at 2pm Sunday, Nov. 25th, 2012 -weather permitting (+ over 50 degrees & no rain) this will be a 25mile ride.

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Celeste Cyr
Celeste Cyr
11 years ago

I miss Paolo so much!! The best way I know to honor him is to ride my bike! I will never forget my dear friend. His remarkable life is to be celebrated. He profoundly touched my life beyond words. He was a true man of heart, genius, courage, integrity, kindness and originality. Paolo, I love you!

Jess Wurtzebach
Jess Wurtzebach
11 years ago

Sweet Paolo. Took me riding up 2222 the first time, built my first fixed gear (still my favorite bike), told me as I embarked on a trip around the world, “Go. But when you’re done get your ass back here”. I did as I was told! He inspired me and made me believe the impossible was possible.