Why Vision Boards are Important to Unleash Your Potential

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Next month, Maricarmen Wilson will host a workshop for women that will guide participants to create Fall season rituals through vision boards and meditation. But why Vision Boards? And why are they an important tool to manifesting your personal potential? Maricarmen answers these questions and more.

    How long have you been creating Vision Boards?  Looking back, vision boards have been part of my creative process since childhood. Sometimes a whole wall could turn into a version of one! Each time, without fail, new space is made for my spirit to lead me to EXACTLY the right place I need to be for expansion, exploration, discovery, and manifestation.  

Why should we create a Vision Board? What are the benefits?

There is a reason why making vision boards has been used for decades by highly respected business and life coaches. Simply stated – THEY WORK. Think of it as your intuition’s edit. The body you live in, the brain you think with, and the heart that beats your life’s feelings- they are all communicating with each other at every second. A Vision Board taps into that direct line of communication where inspiration lives. The process employs critical mind mapping elements that pull us out of linear thinking and into circular creating. It’s real, raw, tactile, and pure FLOW.


How often should one try to make a make vision board? 

Personally, I love the practice of seasonal vision boarding to align with the significant cycles of nature, but New Year/Summer boards are an excellent start. It’s a conscious endeavor. A time commitment to the board is needed, at least 3-6 months, to be able to note the the qualitative and quantitative changes that are manifested with the exercise. At my home there are two boards alive and awake in my work space at all times. My seasonal inspiration that is set with a clear and articulated intention, and one that is constantly changing in the form of  an old fashioned peg board with push pins. The former is what I refer to as a “SANKALPA”, or “rule to be followed above all other rules, allowing for freedom and daily spontaneity, for for “WOW” and “A-Ha’s” to shine immediately. Vision boards are not limited to the visual arts – you can also post journal entries. Bottom line- they’re exciting as hell and you just can’t get them wrong. You’ll quickly learn that once is not enough!

  So you’re hosting a Vision Board workshop in September. What can we expect? The session begins with a group intention and guided meditation, then immediately dives into the hands-on crafting of the vision board. This workshop is a new offering that combines creative exercises and vision boards to develop an individual Fall Ritual for the season leading up to 2018. As real as our other basic human needs, the urgency of a ritual draws from our desire to connect with something great and divine. Rituals and Vision Boards underline the importance of living and owning your present-moment awareness. Our workshops are mini-retreats and female bonding collectives. Delights, delicious treats, and presents await. You only need to show up with an open mind ready to be challenged and a playful heart ready to laugh.  

Thank you, Maricarmen!

Ready to get started on manifesting your Fall Rituals? Join Maricarmen’s workshop on Saturday, September 16 at 2 – 4:30pm. Delights provided by The Soup Peddler and KIND Bar. 

    Maricarmen WilsonMaricarmen is an E-RYT500, YACEP, a Vinyasa Krama-Creative, Alchemist, Mother of Men, Rock-n-Roll Wife, Feminine Fire Starter and Yoga Lifestyle Guide and has been practicing and teaching Yoga for over 23 years. Through Inspired Shakti™, Maricarmen is deeply committed to empowering women to positively affect change in their lives and the world through the practices of Yoga. You can experience her empowering teachings in her classes on Mondays and Wednesdays.  
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