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Strength/HIIT Classes

Find your fitness and never get bored with 60+ ever-changing workouts per week! Castle Hill Fitness is known for top-quality instructors and classes. Whether you’re looking to build muscle, create a lean physique, or vary your training routine – our strength, cardio, and high-intensity classes can get you to your goal. No matter what stage or age you are in, our instructor team has a class format for you. Start your journey by reading more about our different class types below. For those that want a more personalized approach we also offer small group training, one-day workshops, and multi-week series.

Online booking for classes opens 6-days before the start of a class and our cancellation window without a fee is 4-hours before class start time. Read our reservation policy.


Cardio Focused Classes

If you need cardio but aren’t interested in parking on an elliptical, our cardio focused classes are the answer. These classes focus on exercises and moves to get your heart pumping and lungs thumping. You can expect to work in both aerobic and anaerobic fat-burning zones. Class levels are listed based on your fitness level from beginner to advanced. Listen to your body as you increase confidence, build bone density, and strengthen your heart and lungs.

Recommended Classes: LIT Up, Cardio Kickbox, Strong & Fierce!

HIIT Classes

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) describes any workout that alternates between intense activity and less intense activity. Movements may be strength-based but the pace will keep it cardiovascular. HIIT workouts are becoming increasingly popular as they can produce benefits that are twice as effective as moderately intense workouts. These are generally fast-paced, short but hard classes.

Find it in these classes: HIIT Cycle, High/Low Strength & Cardio, PUMP'd, SHRED

Strength Focused Classes

Discover the benefits of building strength in a motivating group class experience. Our strength focus classes use your body weight, hand weights, barbells, and other props to create a full body workout. Strength training can help manage weight or assist in weight loss, can increase your metabolism, and prevent bone density loss. Class levels are listed based on your fitness and experience level with all levels classes being appropriate for most people.

Find it in these classes: Bodyweight Burn, Strength & Mobility, Total Body Build, Group Power, Body Sculpt

A Little Bit of Everything

Could the combinations of strength and cardio moves get more creative? You betcha! These classes will keep you (and your body) guessing as the instructors mix up exercises each week. You can expect to perform both cardiovascular and strength building movements. Class levels are based on your fitness level, but whether you are beginner to advanced always listen to your body.

Find it in these classes:  Plyo, Recess, Strength Circuit, Workout Therapy, Tone & Tabata


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