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All of our Pilates trainers are seasoned experts in their trade. We feel very confident that we can match you with an attentive and compatible trainer to assist you in any fitness endeavor.

Master Pilates Trainers
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Certified Pilates Trainers
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  • Mel Glouchkova

    Mel Glouchkova
    Master Trainer
    Years in the Business: 16

    Certifications: Certified Pilates Instructor: Glenn Studios/GoodBodies

    Specialties/Focus in Training:
    I enjoy working with all types of people as long as they are focused and truly wanting to learn. I do well with athletes both men and women as well as teenagers. I love working with new students, too bringing awareness to their bodies and minds. I also enjoy working with dancers.
    Highlights/Accomplishments: Danced professionally for too many years, still teach ballet in the private sector, participated in the Kirov Ballet's "Glasnost Buddies" – which allowed me to take class with them – awesome!!!! Drank coffee with Robert Joffrey at Denny's in San Antonio. My two beautiful children with my wonderfully nutty hubby, Vlad, and my secondary education certification. In 2015, Mel opened her own Pilates Studio in Round Rock, TX - www.centerpointepilates.com

    Favorites: Turquoise blues and greens are my favorite colors, LOVE dance, music of all genres except country, red wine and m&m's and icing with a little cake underneath it. Love to travel, museums, cats – I could be that crazy cat lady, (actually all animals), Mickey, dry humor, reading – anything really – but Nelson Demille is one of my favs., good movies (too many favorites) and of course, Grey's Anatomy and So you think you can dance!!!!
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  • Mandie Pitre

    Mandie Pitre
    Master Pilates Trainer
    Trainer Since: 2006

    Certifications: Wendy Leblanc Arbuckle, Second generation master Pilates teacher, "Core Connections" teacher training program.

    Specialties/Focus in Training:
    Rehabilitative Pilates, improving performance of athletes, having everyday people feel like champions in their bodies, creating holistic transformation via Pilates.
    Highlights/Accomplishments: I am a dancer and choreographer and have spent years using Pilates to transform my body and transform my dancing. I also have had the great fortune of training and working for one of the finest Pilates masters in the country. What I have to offer is not only an athletic workout but the knowledge to take any person's body and have them reach their potential regardless of age, athletic background, and body type. I am your personal cheerleader!

    Favorites: Dancing, choreographing, my community of peers and friends, my two Chihuahuas, the late swim at Barton Springs and, the margaritas at Polvos with good friends!
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  • Desi Ray

    Desi Ray
    Master Trainer
    Years in the Business: 13

    Certifications: Certified Pilates Instructor Glenn Studio/Goodbodies

    Specialties/Focus in Training:
    Desi truly enjoys being a Pilates instructor. After spending many years in the dance world as both a professional performer and teacher she transitioned into the Pilates world to continue her love of movement and share her knowledge with her clients. She received her Instructor Certification in 2000 through the Goodbodys Wellness Center (formerly Glenn Studio).

    Her combined experience in dance and Pilates careers gives her a natural insight into proper body alignment and how best to convey her knowledge to clients of all ages. Desi has continued her Pilates education through a multitude of workshops including post rehabilitation for hip and knee replacement. She loves to be a part of the process of creating a stronger and healthier body and is excited to work anyone who is ready to engage in this process.
    Highlights/Accomplishments: I have been dancing my way through life, and finished an apprenticeship as certified cook with the American Culinary Federation. I am most proud of my beautiful daughters!!

    Favorites: Love red wine, good chocolate and life itself
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  • Deborah West

    Deborah West
    Master Trainer
    Years in the Business: 15

    Certifications: I am certified by Glenn studios, which later transitioned into Peak Pilates, for whom I certified instructors for two years. My mentor was Colleen Glenn whom I trained under and worked for two years. Colleen studied under Romana Kryzanowska...the original student of Joseph Pilates. I use my classical training to teach body awareness and create body balancing workouts. I use more modern Pilates techniques to diversify workouts.

    Specialties/Focus in Training:
    As a Pilates instructor for 15 years, my main professional goal is to teach my clients body awareness. This new found awareness is used to deliver an intense workout, create a balanced body, train around an injury, train without injury, learn proper form and integrate Pilates into other activities.
    Highlights/Accomplishments: My background reflects my passion for integration of Pilates into other activities. I have extensively trained in and/or studied yoga, strength training, cycling, boxing, gardening, jump roping, kickboxing and grappling. I enjoy integrating Pilates into all these activities, as well as, training for a more balanced body by practicing Pilates in the Pilates room....the school room for renaissance training!

    I have a B.S. in Public Administration from The University of Texas, where I graduated Summa Cum Laude. I use this degree as as starting point for my favorite activity outside Castle Hill and my own training...social justice activities and study. My study and love of government and non profit work is based on my passion for helping others to achieve positive change...for and in the community.

    Favorites: I have a ridiculous love for God and dogs...and, I don't think it's a coincidence that the words dog and god are mirror images. I love a good margarita and a great burger with friends or family more than a fistful of money. And, I am happiest when I am walking my dog Angel or dancing to good music.
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  • Stephanie Wright

    Stephanie Wright
    Pilates Trainer
    Years in the Business: 10

    Certifications: Full Certification from STOTT Pilates International

    Specialties/Focus in Training:
    I truly enjoy being able to make Pilates more accessible. It is a privilege for me to pull a group of people into a room and make them work together. The experience is different in a great way. Turning what is usually a solo into an ensemble creates infinite possibilities.

    Highlights/Accomplishments: Teaching Pilates with a sense of humor!

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  • Sara Garonzik

    Sara Garonzik
    Pilates Trainer
    Years in the Business: 1

    Certifications: The Pilates Studio of Los Angeles under Melinda Bryan

    Specialties/Focus in Training:
    I really love introducing people to the art of Pilates and helping them gain a solid foundation of the principles and techniques. I have extensive training in fascia, body alignment and how Pilates can be an effective rehab tool.

    I've been practicing Pilates for over 15 years. I've always returned to it when I've needed a sense of centering and mindfulness in my life. Pilates really blossomed for me once I started to apply the principles that I learned through Yoga and weight training to my practice. I really love helping people get a deeper understanding of their body and with that knowledge teaching them to move better throughout their daily life.
    Highlights/Accomplishments: BA's in Fashion Theory, English, Philosophy and Gender Studies. I'm a lifelong learner who loves to cook.

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  • Lindsay Lark

    Lindsay Lark
    Pilates Instructor
    Years in the Business: Since 2008

    Certifications: Full Certification from Balanced Body
    500 hour Bridge Program with Lesley Powell

    Specialties/Focus in Training:
    My teaching focus is to meet a person where they are and take them to their next level. I look at the body Im working with and design a program to help that person become the best mover they can be. I use positive cues and feedback to help clients explore their movement potential and achieve three major goals: strength, flexibility, and balance. My sessions are challenging, empowering, and fun!

    I specialize in injuries and special populations and pre/post natal. I also have experience working with professional athletes, marathon runners, and dancers.
    Highlights/Accomplishments: I was a professional actress in New York City for five years before moving to Austin. I have a BFA in Theater from Wichita State University and a MFA in Acting from Case Western Reserve. Im currently working on a doctorate in Physical Therapy.

    Favorites: I love driving around Austin and checking out little shops and restaurants, spending time with friends and family, and taking classes from other amazing Pilates teachers!
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  • "A few well designed movements, properly performed in a balanced sequence,
    are worth hours of doing sloppy calisthenics or forced contortion." – Joseph Pilates

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