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Feldenkrais: Weekend Workshop

with Pat Siebert  Saturday + Sunday at 2pm

Build awareness through movement with Feldenkrais
Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons are easy to do and broadly beneficial. These classes work by engaging the brain in a constructive process of sensory-motor learning. Uniquely empowering, performing Feldenkrais exercises can have immediate results. 
Through gentle movement sequences, you will learn ways to: 
  • increase flexibility, stamina, control, and agility
  • improve coordination, balance, and ease of movement
  • integrate essential moves for proficiency in all your activities
This workshop is appropriate for all levels. 
Sunday, June 24 2-3:30pm at our 360 location (Mind Body Room)
Saturday, July 28 2-3:30pm at our Downtown Location (Lotus Room)
$20 per workshop
limited to 18
register in advance
VIP members save an extra 10%
About your teacher, Pat Siebert
Pat Siebert has been a trained Feldenkrais instructor since 1986. Through Feldenkrais and Compassionate Communication, he aspires to help all people find fully integrated movement that honors their current mental, physical, and emotional life. 
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Strength Training University

with Amid Archibald  4 p.m. Wednesdays

Strength Training U is a highly focused, super small group series will take your body back to school. Get your Masters in weight room form and manners. Working in a small group, partner format Amid will set you up for self-piloted strength workouts using our main gym weight equipment and plate equipment.
June 27-August 1 *no class July 4*
August 8-September 12 *no class August 15*
5 week program
$125 members
$155 non-members
limited to 6.
Inquire to join this group email 
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Freeing the Fascia

with Celeste Knickerbocker  Saturday at 12pm

Fascia is a large organ of fibrous tissue that covers the entire body. Utilizing the Pilates machines, stretches, and self-massage techniques, Celeste will teach you a routine that will help you discover and work toward releasing the stuck spots in your body's fascia. When the fascia is released, it allows the body to feel more awake and enlivened leading to improved performance in all your fitness endeavors! 
Saturday, June 30
Pilates Studio
minimum 3, max 8
$30 members
$40 non-members
VIP members save an extra 10%
Meet Celeste
As a life-long mover, and long-time bodyworker, Celeste understands the impact a healthy fascia can have on the whole body. She is thrilled to bring her knowledge and skills in a unique workshop dedicated to giving back to the body you work so hard! Come give your body the TLC it deserves!
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Pilates for Runners: Weekend Workshop

with Shannon Dolan  Saturday at 2pm

Whether you are a marathoner or a walk/runner, Pilates can provide a more efficient and pain-free run by increasing mobility, correcting muscle imbalance, and building core strength. This 90-minute workshop will get you the extra mile using Pilates equipment exercises, mat work, and props. 
No Pilates experience is required, only a willingness to learn. 
questions? Email
Saturday, June 30
in the Pilates Studio
limited to 6
$40 members
$50 non-members
about Shannon
Shannon is an avid runner, Master Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, and Health Coach with a BS in Nutrition. Through exercise, nutrition, and mindful meditation strategies, Shannon has helped clients of all types find their path to a healthy lifestyle. 
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Conditioning Camp

with Robert Reed  6 a.m. Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays

WAKES YOU UP BETTER THAN COFFEE! This class gives you a different body-transforming workout 3 mornings a week. That’s right. Your Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings could be spent with Robert Reed doing lunges, sprints, and more. Find a new you. All levels, but no injuries please.

*Sign up for two months at a time and save!*

May 2-30 *no class May 28*
June 1-29
July 2-30 *no class July 4*
Aug 1-31

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
Monday and Fridays in the Arena; Wednesdays in the Martial Arts room
maximum 15

3x/wk; paid monthly
members: $250/mo
non-members: $275/mo

2 months discount members: $400/2mo
non-members: $450/2mo


Meet Robert
Robert is an ACE certified Elite level personal trainer, 5th generation 7th degree black belt in Kajukenbo self defense system & 2nd degree black belt in American Kenpo. He pulls from his experience in athletics and martial arts to give a unique workout that will challenge your limits!
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Classical Pilates Series

with Celeste Knickerbocker

Build a solid foundation in CLASSICAL Pilates. 
The specific Classical choreography strengthens and stretches the torso, arms, and legs in all planes of movement. Each session will warm up the body, then challenge it on mat and reformer, and finally cool it down. You will leave this series feeling confident on the equipment and confident in your body. Appropriate for all levels. 
June 18-July 9
August 6-27
Mondays at 6:30pm-7:25pm
4 week program 
$112 members
$124 non-members
min 3, max 4
Meet Celeste
Celeste discovered Pilates at an early age while studying dance in LA. She has a life-long passion for movement and has transferred that love to helping others move well. Celeste is comprehensively certified in Pilates, GYROTONIC®, and TRX. She has helped clients of all ages and abilities to move better since 2011.
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Kettlebell Series

with Minna Harman

Build lean muscle and improve your cardio health while effectively working your entire body! In this small group training series you will learn and use correct Kettlebell technique and biomechanics, reduce your risk of injury, and gain fast results both in strength and endurance. We limit the group size to allow individual attention for each participant. Kettlebell training improves coordination and teaches your body to use the entire kinetic chain to improve athletic and sports performance. Build a leaner YOU with Kettlebell!
Intermediate/Advanced Level
*must seek approval if new*
Not sure which level you are? Email to find out which series is best for you!
*If you have injuries, please seek prior approval from Minna
July 10-31
August 7-28
Tuesdays at 7am 
in Lotus room

$130 members
$140 non-members
VIP Members: Extra 10% off
Space is limited to max 8


Meet Minna
Minna Harman is a IKFF Certified Kettlebell teacher and Master Personal Trainer. She will get you started on the right foot to add a dynamic component into your training regimen!

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Seasonal Strength Series

with Chad Kraus  6pm Wednesdays, 11am Saturdays

In this four-week series, Chad will take your strength training to a new level and assist you in crushing your goals. Expect to use complex barbell movements to hit new personal bests while focusing on your body's overall function. In keeping with the season, you will learn new moves and use props to improve your balance. This series is not ideal for beginners or anyone with injuries.
July 11-Aug 1
Aug 8-29
4 weeks

Wednesdays 6-6:55pm


ADDED! New Day!
Saturdays at 11am

July 7-August 4 *skips July 21*
max 6, minimum 3
in the Arena
$100 members
$124 non-members
VIP members save 10%
Meet Chad!
This native Austinite has competed in sporting events at a national level and accomplished a personal goal of losing 100 pounds. But his biggest achievements in life thus far has been obtaining the NASM Personal Trainer Certification and helping people achieve their fitness goals.
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Pilates 101

with Heather Quiring  Thursdays at 4pm

This four-week Beginner Series focuses on building a strong foundation of the Pilates Method. The Pilates Cadillac/tower, Chair and Reformers will be explored through their many setups and uses. This series is perfect for the raw beginner and for those who are interested in revisiting Pilates Method basics. There is no Pilates experience necessary and the series is suitable for those who have minor injuries. Following the series students will have a comfortable understanding of the equipment, exercises, and breath and will be ready to transition to All Level or Beginner weekly classes. 
Thursdays at 7pm 

July 12-August 2 or
August 9-August 30

4 week series
limited to 6

$100 for members
$110 for non-members


About Heather
Heather is a professional dancer who began her Pilates training after an injury over a decade ago. She has the knowledge to take any person's body and have them reach their potential regardless of any roadblocks! In Heather's classes you can expect a complete strengthening and challenging workout. 

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Core Explorer: Discover the New Core

with Mandie Pitre  Saturdays at 2pm

The Core Explorer workshop series gives you a chance to dive deep and learn the relationship of the entire body and a powerful core. Core is beyond the abdominals. It is the whole body coordinating, integrating, and awakening!

In each monthly session, we will take a look inside the body with anatomical visuals and move through Pilates movements (and more) in a thoughtful, experiential, and fun way.

This course will leave you with a new view on how to approach movement. The material presented can be applied to any discipline and any person, regardless of experience. The workshops build on each other and so it is recommended to take all three - but this is not required.



This Fall
September 15, October 13, November 10
Saturdays 2-4pm
minimum 4, max 12

each workshop
$30 members
$40 non-members

or sign up for all 3 at a discount:
$79 members
$99 non-members

Workshop #1 - September 15
Integrating the arms and legs

Workshop #2 - October 13
The dance of the breath, pelvis, and spine

Workshop #3 - November 10
Coordinating the whole body in motion

Click the button below to sign up for individual workshops:

Or sign up for the whole course below.

Meet Mandie
Mandie began teaching Pilates in 2005 under the guidance of master trainer, Wendy LeBlanc Arbuckle. With 30 years of in-depth practice in classical ballet, modern hip-hop, and most recently the Brazilian martial art - Capoiera, Mandie's progressive approach helps her clients discover the athlete within.

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iRest Yoga Nidra

with Kim Schaefer  Tuesdays at 6:15pm

Heal unresolved issues that are present in your body and mind.
Develop your toolbox for calm amidst all the changing circumstances of life. iRest is an evidence-based meditation practice that helps alleviate insomnia, anxiety, fear, and depression. This 6 week iRest course will teach you a practice to help you relax deeply, release stress, increase resiliency, improve your interpersonal relationships, and provide you with greater mastery and control in your life. A workbook and other resources will be provided for your continued practice after the series. 
June 5-July 10
September 25-October 30
Tuesdays at 6:15-7:30pm
6 week series
in the Chakras Room
$99 members
$108 non-members
VIP members save 10%
Meet Kim Schaefer
Kim is a level 2 iRest teacher-in-training and has had consistent meditation practice since 2008. Her clear and encouraging teaching style make yoga and meditation accessible to anyone seeking to know more about the practice and about themselves. 
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Floating Pilates Series

with Deborah West  Noon Mondays, 5 p.m. Wednesdays, 6:30 a.m. Thursdays or noon Fridays

BUILD STRENGTH IN THE CORE, FLEXIBILITY IN THE SPINE and length in the limbs with Pilates! If you are at the intermediate or advanced level, join Deborah in this small group series to progress your practice to a new level. Four days and times to choose from, sign up for 10 and combine as it fits your schedule.

May 21-July 27
Spots open!

4 Times to Choose
Mondays at noon
Wednesdays at 5pm
Thursdays at 6:30am
Fridays at noon

No class: 
Monday, May 28 or Wednesday, July 4

Holiday make-up class:
Tuesday, May 29 at 2pm
Tuesday, July 3 at 5pm

10 1-hour sessions
members: $280
non-members: $310

Deborah keeps the pace high, please email her before registering
for a day to make sure the series is appropriate for your current
fitness level and experience. email:

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Defy Gravity

with Michele Melkerson-Granryd  10:45 a.m. Fridays


Join Michele in this 35 minute total body workout that explores another dimension! The Total Gym is a low impact, cable resistance machine that uses a portion of your body weight and a glideboard to produce a variety of exercises. Easy on joints and great for those working around injuries, this small group training session is perfect for anyone!

Appropriate for all levels.

Fridays 10:45am-11:20am
limited to 6, minimum 3
Small Group Studio

Personal training group rates apply.
To join this group email

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Get Kranked!

with Bryan Lepley  6:30 a.m. Tuesdays or Thursdays


Then you haven’t gotten kranked! Using the upper body machine the KRANKcycle® this small group training session will improve your core and upper body strength without a single crunch or bicep curl. Give your legs a break and still get a great cardio workout in just half an hour.

Appropriate for all levels.
To join this group email

Meets Tuesdays 6:30am-7:00am or
Thursdays 6:30am-7:00am
limited to 6, minimum 3
Small Group Studio

Open to members & non-members. Elite group training rates (view here) apply.

Meet Bryan
Bryan Lepley is a master KRANKCycle® instructor & Master Personal Trainer who is no stranger to upper body workouts. With over 20 years of experience, he’s got your ticket to the gun show.

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Core & Cardio Galore!

with Laurie Rourke  8 a.m. Tuesdays or Thursdays


But joining this small group workout definitely brings it on. Guided by trainer, Laurie, you’ll mix up your workouts with fresh movements and plenty of props (mini-tramps, anyone?). Participants can expect to warm-up with core activation, move through full body resistance work with a focus on core stabilization, and sprinkles of cardio to keep you working hard. When weather permits we go outside.

Appropriate for all levels.
Questions? Email





limited to 8, minimum 3
Small Group Studio

Open to members & non-members. Elite group training rates (view here) apply.

Laurie Rourke-Korpi is an Elite Level Personal Trainer whose yoga practice has saved her life on more than one occasion. She loves all kinds of movement, especially when it happens on a sunny day. Come soak up some sunshine with her!

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Rehab Ready for Back, Shoulders, and Knees

with Leslee Feldman  10 a.m. Wednesdays OR Fridays

Do you have lower back aches? Pain radiating down your leg? Or experience weakness or stiff muscles? You will benefit from a focused routine from Post-Injury Exercise Specialist, Leslee Feldman. In this small group, you will perform stretches and exercise that address common sources of pain in the back, shoulders, or knees.Whether you have a diagnosis or not, Leslee can help identify and correct areas of weakness to get you out of living in pain, and into living your life! Appropriate for all levels.

To join this group email

meets Wednesdays OR Fridays at 10am



4 per group
Small Group Studio
Open to members & non-members. Master group training rates (view here) apply.


About Leslee
Leslee Feldman is a Master Level Personal Trainer who specializes in post-Physical Therapy exercise and rehabilitation, knee and ACL injury prevention, hip and knee replacements, geriatric clients, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Strokes, and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

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