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Castle Hill Fitness offers a multitude of formats in which to improve your health and fitness. In our small group, multi-week series, you will receive focused attention and experience progressive learning objectives. Our one day workshops provide an opportunity to dive deep into a particular topic or training type. We also offer in-depth teacher trainings and intensives for those that want to take their passion into a profession. Keep scrolling for our upcoming calendar of events in Fitness, Pilates, and Yoga.

iRest Yoga Nidra

with Kim Schaefer  Tuesdays at 6:15pm

Give yourself the gift of self-care this holiday season.
iRest is an evidence-based meditation practice that helps alleviate insomnia, anxiety, fear, and depression. This 3 week iRest course will provide you an experience to help you relax deeply, release stress, increase resiliency, improve your interpersonal relationships and provide you with greater mastery and control in your life. Drop in to one class or get the full benefit and sign up for all 3 sessions.
December 4-18
Tuesdays 6:15-7:15pm
3 week series
in the Chakras Room
$42 member
$54 non-member
$20 drop-in to one class
VIP members save 10%
Meet Kim Schaefer
Kim is a level 2 iRest teacher-in-training and has had consistent meditation practice since 2008. Her clear and encouraging teaching style make yoga and meditation accessible to anyone seeking to know more about the practice and about themselves. 
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Ladies Early Bird Boot Camp

with Hilary Chung  Tuesday, Wednesdays, Thursdays at 6am

THE SUNSHINE SQUAD IS WAITING FOR YOU! Hilary has developed a workout series that will challenge you but in a positive and supportive way. Expect to tone, tighten, and get breathless with other fantastic women! As a mother of three, Hilary can adapt to whatever stage in life you are - expecting mamas are welcome! Please no current injuries or recent surgeries.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and/or Thursdays from 6am-6:55am
pick your day: do 1x/wk, 2x/wk, or 3x/wk

Limited to 20, VIP Extra 10%

Per session - $16 members, $22 non-members

November 13-28
December 4-20

Register online, choose your workout days!
in the Multisport Room

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Seasonal Strength Series

with Chad Kraus  6pm Wednesdays, 11am Saturdays

Now a 5-week series, Chad will take your strength training to a new level and assist you in crushing your goals. Expect to use complex barbell movements to hit new personal bests while focusing on your body's overall function. In keeping with the season, you will learn new moves and use props to improve your balance. This series is not ideal for beginners or anyone with injuries.
Choose Your Day: 
Wednesdays 6-6:55pm or 
Saturdays 11am-11:55am 
5 weeks
October 24-November 28 (Skips November 24) 
December 12-January 16 (Skips December 26)
October 27-December 1 (Skips November 24)
December 15-January 19 (Skips December 29)
max 6, minimum 3
in the Arena
$125 members
$155 non-members
VIP members save 10%
Meet Chad
This native Austinite has competed in sporting events at a national level and accomplished a personal goal of losing 100 pounds. But his biggest achievements in life thus far has been obtaining the NASM Personal Trainer Certification and helping people achieve their fitness goals.
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Strength Train for Body Transformation

with Jessica Appel  Thursdays at 7am


  • Have you been consistent in your training? 
  • Hitting the weights and cardio but still not getting the results you hoped for? 
  • Is the scale not budging? 
  • Have an event coming up that you want to get in the best shape of your life for? 
  • Are you getting frustrated? 
You are ready for a Transformation! This carefully curated program will change the shape of your body, burn body fat, and build lean muscle mass. 
The first meeting ins a Bod Pod Body Composition Test. For this test, you should not eat, drink, or exercise at least 2 hours before start time. You also need to bring a tight fitting bathing suit. This base line test is included in the program price, an additional Bod Pod test can be purchased at the end of the program. 
This series includes a once a week group workout and 3 days of programmed homework per week. We will work in a small group setting to sculpt your body into the physique you've been hoping for. Emphasis will be on heavy strength training and high intensity cardio. Jessica will review your nutritional log weekly and discuss the incredibly important role of nutrition at each class. 
This class is extremely effective and time tested. Careful adherence to the designed program will absolutely bring you the body composition changes that have been alluding you. 
January 3-31
Thursdays at 7am
5 week program
first meeting is a Bod Pod + 16 programmed workouts

$140 Members; $165 Non-Member
VIP Member extra 10% off
limited to 6


About Jessica
Jessica is a Master Trainer with over 15 years experience. In 2012, this multi-finishing IronMan decided to shift her focus completely, changing her body composition in preparation for her first Figure Competition at the Texas State Naturals. She lost 25 lbs and 10% body fat. In 2014, she took her training to the next level, giving birth to twin boys. Jessica crafts her programs to empower her clients to meet their goals and blast through plateaus. Most recently she has gotten involved with Crossfit and is more driven and prepared than ever to guide those interested in dramatic fitness and aesthetic results. 

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with Jessica Appel  Mondays at 7am

Legends is a small group strength, conditioning and functional fitness series designed with the needs and goals of the 50+ client in mind. This six week series will use mobility work, strength training, functional movements, core and stability work to increase strength, minimize the side effects of aging and improve quality of life. Plan to come away from this series feeling challenged. The goal is to push you to become stronger, faster and happier than you are right now. This class is suitable for all ability and experience levels. The programming is fully scalable to meet you where ever you are and take your fitness to a level beyond your expectations.

Questions? Email


January 7-February 11
6 week program
in the Arena


members: $168
non-members: $198
min 4, max 6


VIP Members: Extra 10% off


Meet Jessica
ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
Certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Jess is excited by fitness because of its ability to truly transform lives. After 15 years in the fitness industry Jess has witnessed and directed a multitude of physical transformations and is an expert at helping clientele break through plateaus.

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Pilates 101

with Lindsay Lark  Mondays at 7pm

This introduction to Pilates will cover the fundamental principles of movement. We will explore breathing, strength, flexibility, balance, and posture. You will have the opportunity to practice on each piece of equipment. Whether your goal is to join a class or gain a deeper understanding of your body, this class is designed to educate and inspire. You will leave feeling taller, stronger, and more knowledgeable of your body.
January 7-28
February 4-25
Mondays at 7pm-7:55pm
4 weeks; limit 6

$112 members
$124 non-members
VIP members save extra 10%

Meet Lindsay
Since 2008 Lindsay has been designing programs to help her clients become the best mover they can be. In her sessions you can expect a challenging, empowering, and fun way to do Pilates. She has experience working with a variety of special populations including pre/post natal, injuries, and athletes. Expect to explore your movement potential through positive cues and focused feedback!

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Kettlebell Series

with Minna Harman  Tuesdays at 7am

Build lean muscle and improve your cardio health while effectively working your entire body! In this small group training series you will learn and use correct Kettlebell technique and biomechanics, reduce your risk of injury, and gain fast results both in strength and endurance. We limit the group size to allow individual attention for each participant. Kettlebell training improves coordination and teaches your body to use the entire kinetic chain to improve athletic and sports performance. Build a leaner YOU with Kettlebell!
Open to ALL levels.
*If you have injuries, please seek prior approval. Email to discuss.
November 27-December 18
January 8-29
Tuesdays at 7am 
in the Martial Arts room
$130 members
$140 non-members
VIP Members: Extra 10% off
Space is limited to max 8


Meet Minna
Minna Harman is a IKFF Certified Kettlebell teacher and Master Personal Trainer. She will get you started on the right foot to add a dynamic component into your training regimen!

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Level Up! Pilates Series

with Celeste Knickerbocker  Tuesdays at 11:30am

This 4-class series will progressively mix in more complex moves. If you are a beginner, have a foundational understanding of the equipment, and are looking for more - Celeste will get you there! Our work will increase in difficulty over the course of 4 weeks so that you leave feeling empowered and with a new understanding of the Classical intermediate Pilates exercises. 
For questions, email
November 27 - December 18 or
January 8 - January 29
Tuesdays at 11:30am-12:30pm
Pilates Studio at 360
4 week program
members: $112
non-members: $124
min 3, max 6 persons
Meet Celeste
Celeste discovered Pilates at an early age while studying dance in LA. She has a life-long passion for movement and has transferred that love to helping others move well. Celeste is comprehensively certified in Pilates, GYROTONIC®, and TRX. She has helped clients of all ages and abilities to move better since 2011.  
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Yoga 101

with Kim Schaefer  Tuesdays + Thursdays at 6:15pm

This eight-class series focuses on developing a foundational understanding of yoga postures and yogic breathing and will provide a basic explanation of the holistic and healthful reasoning behind the physical practice of yoga. 
Emphasis on safe alignment will assist students in maximizing the physical benefits of each yoga posture. In addition to clear instruction, students will receive a weekly review email complete with pictures of the poses explored that week, culminating in a take-home booklet to assist in home practice. 
This series is perfect for the raw beginner and for those wishing to revisit yoga basics. 
January 8-31
Tuesdays and Thursdays
4 week series
max 15, min 6
in Chakras
sign up before December 31 - $122
after December 31 - $144
VIP members save 10%
Meet Kim Schaefer
Kim has a gift for guiding her students through the hard work and challenge of asana practice with laughter and humility. Her clear and encouraging teaching style allows even those new to yoga to feel supported and motivated. 
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with Jessica Appel  Tuesdays at 7am

CastleFit is a small group strength and conditioning series that will push you to the limit and help take your fitness to a level you never imagined possible. This six week series uses dynamic strength movements, equipment from multiple disciplines, plyometrics and high intensity cardio, and will leave you looking and feeling stronger, more mobile and carrying yourself through life with renewed confidence and emotional strength.

Suitable for any fitness or skill level as long as you’re willing to push your personal limits.

Questions? Email


January 8-February 12
5 week program
in the Arena


members: $168
non-members: $198
limited to 6

VIP members: extra 10% off


Meet Jessica
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Crossfit Level 1 Trainer
Jess is excited by fitness because of its ability to truly transform lives. After 15 years in the fitness industry, Jess has witnessed and directed a multitude of physical transformations and is an expert at helping clientele break through plateaus. 


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Love Your Jeans: 8-Week Challenge

with Tara Penawell  Tuesdays at 7pm + Saturdays at 8:30am

Are you tired and frustrated with your weight-loss progress? 
Take a break from the scale and focus on the measurement that counts - your clothes. Elite Trainer, Tara Penawell, has put together 8 weeks of fat loss driven workouts. You'll commit to doing 3 weight workouts a week, a cardio interval training day, and a HIIT workout. Tara will lead you through one weight workout and one HIIT workout a week to keep you on track. 
In addition, you will receive habit based nutrition guidance, pointed weekly emails to keep you motivated, and access to a private Facebook group where you can share recipes, tips, and general encouragement. Have some fun and give yourself a challenge! 
Bring a pair of jeans that is one size too small - or that perfect dress you want to fit into to measure your progress during the challenge. You'll be provided with all the guidance and support you need to achieve your goals. 
Limited to just 6! Sign up in advance. 
Challenge includes: 
2x/wk Weekly group workouts + 
3x/wk additional workouts for 8 weeks
habit based nutritional advice
private Facebook support group
weekly accountability emails
Challenge Cost: $399, VIP members save an extra 10%
Dates: January 15-March 9
Meeting times: Tuesdays 7-8pm and Saturdays 8:30-9am. Pre-series photo session with those goal jeans is on Saturday, January 12 from 9-11am. 
Contact Tara at for details and to schedule your camera time!
Meet Tara
Tara has an extensive background in the health and fitness industry, with over sixteen years working as a personal trainer. She earned her Masters Degree in Kinesiology from UT in 2004, and since then has acquired certifications from various organizations include ACE (Certified Health Coach), Precision Nutrition, Functional Movement Systems, and Primal7. 
Tara believes in a habit based, holistic approach to health and wellness. She has successfully helped many clients meet their goals to lose weight, improve their health, look great in their clothes, and age gracefully. Above all, she is passionate about helping her clients find the joy and satisfaction that comes along with accomplishing more than they thought they could. 
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PREPARED: A New Prenatal Course

with Jill Birt  Tuesdays & Thursdays at 11:15am

Prepare Yourself for the Transition to Motherhood
The curriculum of PREPARED utilizes the Yoga practices of mindfulness, meditation, and movement intertwined with the knowledge and experience Jill holds as a labor and delivery nurse. You will gain a deeper understanding of your body and the process of labor, both scientifically and energetically. The course also includes prenatal yoga to support your body's changing and upcoming needs while being appropriately gentle and safe for you and your baby. 
Questions? Email
January 15-February 21
Tuesdays and Thursdays
6 week program, 2x/wk
the Studio at Downtown
Min 4, Max 12 students
$265 before December 31
$290 after January 1
Open to members & non-members. Sign up in December for early bird pricing.
Sorry, no additional member discounts. 
About Jill Birt
The PREPARED Childbirth Course was founded by Yogi, Mother, and Registered Nurse, Jill Birt, Prior to stepping full time in to teaching yoga, Jill worked as a labor and delivery nurse in Austin, TX for 15 years. She believes the mind, body, and spirit connection is a vital component to support your whole self through pregnancy, labor, delivery, and motherhood. 
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Mama Strong Yoga: A Series for Moms

with Anne Woods-Miller  Tuesdays at 10am

The sweetness of those first months as a mother are filled with more joy and more challenges than one could ever have imagined. Create time dedicated to your physical and emotional health in a safe and judgement free space. Grow your much-needed mama yoga community all with baby right next to you! Classes will include community connection, meditation and breath-work, a strengthening yoga series, baby-centered yoga, and a lovely savasana for all.

Walk home with benefits including:
- realignment and strengthening of the body
- increased flexibility
- reduced stress
- better sleep for mom and baby
- better digestion for baby
- deeper connection with baby
- self compassion
- community love and support

No prior yoga experience needed. Pre-crawler babies welcome.

January 15-February 19
in the Studio
min 4, max 12

$145 for all
10% VIP discount

Meet Anne
Anne Woods Miller has been practicing yoga for over 15 years, and teaching for over a decade. She holds 200 hours of certification in Vinyasa Yoga, 200 hours and advanced certifications in Forrest Yoga taught by Ana Forrest, she completed a year-long Forrest Yoga mentorship program, and she is a certified prenatal yoga teacher. After receiving a BA in Psychology and Studio Arts from St. Edward's University, Anne earned a Masters in Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine from The American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM) in San Francisco. As an acupuncturist and a yoga teacher, she incorporates ancient wisdom into the modern classroom. Anne's passion for holistic wellness continues to grow as she weaves her interests in integrative medicine, healing through movement, art, and community connection.

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Pilates Pumped: Pilates + Weights

with Shannon Dolan  Fridays at 7am

During this 6 week series with Shannon you will blend the benefits of weight training with the perks of Pilates to take your fitness to the next level! With the combination of the two training modalities you can expect a challenging workout that will be fun and leave you feeling energized and empowered!

Must have prior Pilates equipment experience. Series appropriate for Intermediate/Advanced levels. Email questions to Shannon at


January 18-February 22
Fridays 7-8am
$168 member/$186 non-member
10% discount for VIP
in the Pilates Studio and Multi-Sport Studio

min 3, max 6


Meet Shannon!
BS in Nutrition
ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
ACE Health Coach
ACE Functional Training Specialist
Titlest Performance Institute Specialist
Peak Pilates Level 1
Shannon Dolan holds a degree in Nutrition from University of Delaware where she minored in Strength and Conditioning and Art. Since graduating in 2012 she has been a trainer diving in to all aspects of health and wellness with a variety of clients from those recovering from stroke, to youth athletes. As a believer in a variety of fitness activities, daily meditation, and proper nutrition Shannon makes it a point to help her clients find their journey to a healthy lifestyle while having fun with the process!


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Functional Training 101

with Shannon Dolan  Saturday at 9am

Join Shannon in this 1.5 hour workshop to learn how to access the fascia system to increase mobility and efficiency of your movement in AND out of the gym. You'll cover how to properly warm up the body including a dynamic warm up to utilize all planes of motion, muscle activation of the abdominals and glutes, and get a great weight workout to take with you. Come prepared to learn and leave feeling balanced and more ready than ever to conquer the world!

Workshop suitable for all levels, no current injuries. Email questions to Shannon at


Saturday, January 26
$30 members/$40 non members
10% discount for VIP
in the Arena

min 3, max 6

Meet Shannon!

BS in Nutrition
ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
ACE Health Coach
ACE Functional Training Specialist
Titlest Performance Institute Specialist
Peak Pilates Level 1
Shannon Dolan holds a degree in Nutrition from University of Delaware where she minored in Strength and Conditioning and Art. Since graduating in 2012 she has been a trainer diving in to all aspects of health and wellness with a variety of clients from those recovering from stroke, to youth athletes. As a believer in a variety of fitness activities, daily meditation, and proper nutrition Shannon makes it a point to help her clients find their journey to a healthy lifestyle while having fun with the process!

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2019 Anusara Immersion

with Charly Pivert  Saturdays at 12pm, Sundays at 8:30am

2019 Anusara Yoga Immersion

The Immersion is open to students of all styles, teachers and aspiring teachers who wish to deepen their understanding and practice of Yoga. Completion of a 100hr Immersion is a prerequisite that prepare students for the Anusara Yoga teacher training. Graduates of the Immersion and teacher training will be able to register thru Yoga alliance at the 200 RYT level.

In this Immersion you will learn and practice the fundamentals of Anusara Yoga methodology and it's life affirming philosophy. Each day includes a transformative asana, pranayama and meditation practice, lecture, Q&A and group discussion. Through the study of key yogic text, you will explore the different philosophical currents of Yoga and their teachings application to daily practice and life. Other topics covered during the immersion includes the history of Yoga, the anatomy of movement and therapeutic Yoga.

The Immersion is a broad and comprehensive study of Yoga that is accessible to students of all levels.

Immersion Dates for 2019

Weekend 1: February 23-24
Weekend 2: March 2-3
Weekend 3: March 30-31
Weekend 4: April 20-21
Weekend 5: May 4-5
Weekend 6: May 18-19
Weekend 7: June 8-9

SUNDAYS 8:30am-5pm
in the Studio

$1675 prepaid before February 9, 2019. Includes $300 non-refundable deposit.
$1800 for payment plan: include $300 non-refundable deposit and 6 payments of $250. Valid credit card required. Paid in full by June 7th.
To enroll in a payment plan - email


Refunds: We will give a refund minus the non-refundable deposit for cancellations 2 weeks or more in advance. No refunds will be given for no shows or 7 days before start date. Castle Hill Fitness reserves the right to cancel programs at anytime to which we offer full refunds. Attendance: 100% is required with no make up dates.

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Floating Pilates Series

with Deborah West  Noon Mondays, 5 p.m. Wednesdays, 6:30 a.m. Thursdays or noon Fridays

BUILD STRENGTH IN THE CORE, FLEXIBILITY IN THE SPINE and length in the limbs with Pilates! If you are at the intermediate or advanced level, join Deborah in this small group series to progress your practice to a new level. Four days and times to choose from, sign up for 10 and combine as it fits your schedule.

May 21-July 27
Spots open!

4 Times to Choose
Mondays at noon
Wednesdays at 5pm
Thursdays at 6:30am
Fridays at noon

No class: 
Monday, May 28 or Wednesday, July 4

Holiday make-up class:
Tuesday, May 29 at 2pm
Tuesday, July 3 at 5pm

10 1-hour sessions
members: $280
non-members: $310

Deborah keeps the pace high, please email her before registering
for a day to make sure the series is appropriate for your current
fitness level and experience. email:

More details

Defy Gravity

with Michele Melkerson-Granryd  10:45 a.m. Fridays


Join Michele in this 35 minute total body workout that explores another dimension! The Total Gym is a low impact, cable resistance machine that uses a portion of your body weight and a glideboard to produce a variety of exercises. Easy on joints and great for those working around injuries, this small group training session is perfect for anyone!

Appropriate for all levels.

Fridays 10:45am-11:20am
limited to 6, minimum 3
Small Group Studio

Personal training group rates apply.
To join this group email

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Get Kranked!

with Bryan Lepley  6:30 a.m. Tuesdays or Thursdays


Then you haven’t gotten kranked! Using the upper body machine the KRANKcycle® this small group training session will improve your core and upper body strength without a single crunch or bicep curl. Give your legs a break and still get a great cardio workout in just half an hour.

Appropriate for all levels.
To join this group email

Meets Tuesdays 6:30am-7:00am or
Thursdays 6:30am-7:00am
limited to 6, minimum 3
Small Group Studio

Open to members & non-members. Elite group training rates (view here) apply.

Meet Bryan
Bryan Lepley is a master KRANKCycle® instructor & Master Personal Trainer who is no stranger to upper body workouts. With over 20 years of experience, he’s got your ticket to the gun show.

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Core & Cardio Galore!

with Laurie Rourke  8 a.m. Tuesdays or Thursdays


But joining this small group workout definitely brings it on. Guided by trainer, Laurie, you’ll mix up your workouts with fresh movements and plenty of props (mini-tramps, anyone?). Participants can expect to warm-up with core activation, move through full body resistance work with a focus on core stabilization, and sprinkles of cardio to keep you working hard. When weather permits we go outside.

Appropriate for all levels.
Questions? Email





limited to 8, minimum 3
Small Group Studio

Open to members & non-members. Elite group training rates (view here) apply.

Laurie Rourke-Korpi is an Elite Level Personal Trainer whose yoga practice has saved her life on more than one occasion. She loves all kinds of movement, especially when it happens on a sunny day. Come soak up some sunshine with her!

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Rehab Ready for Back, Shoulders, and Knees

with Leslee Feldman  10 a.m. Wednesdays OR Fridays

Do you have lower back aches? Pain radiating down your leg? Or experience weakness or stiff muscles? You will benefit from a focused routine from Post-Injury Exercise Specialist, Leslee Feldman. In this small group, you will perform stretches and exercise that address common sources of pain in the back, shoulders, or knees.Whether you have a diagnosis or not, Leslee can help identify and correct areas of weakness to get you out of living in pain, and into living your life! Appropriate for all levels.

To join this group email

meets Wednesdays OR Fridays at 10am



4 per group
Small Group Studio
Open to members & non-members. Master group training rates (view here) apply.


About Leslee
Leslee Feldman is a Master Level Personal Trainer who specializes in post-Physical Therapy exercise and rehabilitation, knee and ACL injury prevention, hip and knee replacements, geriatric clients, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Strokes, and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

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