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Cycle Classes

Build muscular endurance, burn calories, and boost your heart health with the low-impact benefits of an indoor cycle class. Our schedule of cycle based classes include a little something for everyone – from heart-rate monitored formats using MyZone tech, to free-form fusion that takes you on and off the bike, to rhythm-based with a focus on form. Read more about our formats below:

Browse our different class types below:

Just the Bike

Improve your overall cardiovascular fitness and burn up to 600 calories per hour with our cycle classes that are “just on the bike”. Using adjustments in resistance, leg speed, and body position - the spin bike you will strengthen your legs and improve lung capacity. Just one or two of these classes will satisfy the national recommendation for 75 minutes of vigorous activity a week. Our spin bikes are equipped with dual pedals – one side fitted for SPD spin cleats (cloverleaf pattern) and the other side has a show cage for regular tennis shoe wearers.

Recommended classes: Cycle Express, Indoor Cycle, Power Ride, Rhythm Ride

Bike + More

Grab a full body workout with our bike + more classes that fuse strength training movements off the bike with cardio intervals on the bike. These fitness classes give you the best of both cardio and strength in some of our most creative combinations. Make sure to wear sneakers to these classes to allow for safe transition between bike and floor exercises.

Recommended classes: Cycle Barre, Cycle + Strength, Cycle + Krank + Row


See a sneak peak of a Cycle Barre (Spin + Barre) class:

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