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Holiday Fitness Challenge

Enter our fitness challenge and keep holiday weight gain and stress at bay this year! This year we are eliminating the race to the finish in an effort to bring the challenge back to staying consistent in your workouts during an often very busy and calorie filled time of year. Our goal is to help you create a habit!

The Rules >
1. Sign up at the front desk and write your name on the scoreboard. The Challenge is FREE this year, but space is limited.

2. WORKOUT. It's that simple. Check-In for ANY type of workout everyday between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve. Personal training counts, all classes count, as long as you're movin' and shakin' in the Castle that day, it counts.

3. Mark "X" on the days you come in to workout (it's the honor system here). You decide how long a workout you need to count. It's just 1 day = 1 check-in = 1 "X" on the board for that day.

Take the challenge and go ahead...have that extra slice of pie! Prizes awarded each week!
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