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Demystifying the Psoas - Yoga for the DEEP CORE

WITH Anna + Jyl
2 to 4 p.m. Sunday

What is the Psoas?

The psoas (pronounced so-as) is the key muscle when it comes to a balanced, well-organized body. It is the deepest muscle and the most powerful of all the hip flexors. It is the muscle to connect your legs to your spine and is continuously working during activities such as walking, running, kicking and sit-ups. As a major player in back pain, sacro-iliac instability, knee injuries and tight hip sockets, it is often the exhausted psoas that disrupts range of motion, as well as digestion, bladder and kidney functioning.

This is an all levels workshop that will incorporate subtle movements to release the psoas as well as basic yoga postures that will balance and stabilize the numerous joints that are affected by the psoas.

limit 25
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