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Castle Hill Fitness offers a multitude of formats in which to improve your health and fitness. In our small group, multi-week series, you will receive focused attention and experience progressive learning objectives. Our one day workshops provide an opportunity to dive deep into a particular topic or training type. We also offer in-depth teacher trainings and intensives for those that want to take their passion into a profession. Keep scrolling for our upcoming calendar of events in Fitness, Pilates, and Yoga.

Conditioning Camp

with Robert Reed  Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays at 6am


This class gives you a different body-transforming workout 3 mornings a week. That's right. Your Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings could be spent with Robert Reed doing lunges, strength training, kickboxing, and plyometrics. Find a new you. All levels, but no injuries please. 

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March 1-29
April 1-29
May 1-31

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
Mondays and Fridays in the Arena; Wednesdays in the Martial Arts Room
maximum 15

3x/wk; paid monthly
members: $250/month
non-members: $275/month

2 months discount:
members: $400/2 months
non-members: $450/2 months



Meet Robert 
Robert is an ACE certified Elite level personal trainer, 5th generation 7th degree black belt in Kajukenbo self defense system and 2nd degree black belt in American Kenpo. He pulls from his experience in athletics and martial arts to give a unique workout that will challenge your limits! 

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Endorphins Make You Happy Hour

with Various  Wednesdays at 6:15pm


We've teamed up with Outdoor Voices to sweat it out on their 606 lawn this May! Each sweaty activity will be taught by a different CHF instructor, followed by shopping and drinks. 


BYOMat and shoes, please!



Wednesdays at 6:15pm
At 606 Blanco Street, Austin TX 

May 1 | HIIT Burn with Veera

Max out your effort through this Tabata-style class. Quick, intense cardio bursts followed by short, active recovery periods. Sweat guaranteed! 

May 15 | Pilates Pumped with Shannon

Change up your routine with this combo interval class. Classical mat Pilates meets high intensity body weight moves to get your whole body feeling strong, sweaty, and energized!

May 22 | Powerhouse Pilates with Clear

This is Pilates on speed. Challenge that powerhouse of the body with this fast-paced class taking you on and off the mat. 

May 29 | Bootcamp Max with Hilary

Max out that calorie burn with this fun, full-body, no equipment workout built to take you to the next level. Hilary does not disappoint! 


Reserve your spot in advance!


This event is sponsored by Richard's Rainwater



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HIIT TRX Circuits

with Tara Penawell  Mondays and Wednesdays at 1:30pm

Heart Rate Training with Myzone Technology

Zone in and make your workout more efficient and effective! This high-intensity TRX Circuits series targets heart rate zones to maximize results and fun. Using the Myzone technology, participants are able to accurately track effort in real time and make immediate adjustments to challenge the body and hit those goals sooner! Each class will complete a different circuit, utilizing med balls, jump ropes, and the rip trainer in addition to the TRX suspension trainer.

Sign up for this series and SAVE 30% on the Myzone wearable technology!

All levels welcome. No current injuries.


May 6-June 12
6 week program
Mondays and Wednesdays
in the Multisport room
min 3, max 8


$375 members
$435 non-members
Pricing includes a Myzone Heart Rate Tracker valued at $99

10% discount for VIP members

Following series registration, payment for the discounted Myzone Heart Rate Tracker will be processed separately. Contact with questions.

Meet Tara
Tara has an extensive background in the health and fitness industry, with over sixteen years working as a personal trainer. She earned her Masters Degree in Kinesiology from UT in 2004, and since then has acquired certifications from various organizations including ACE (Certified Health Coach), Precision Nutrition, Functional Movement Systems, and Primal7.

Tara believes in a habit based, holistic approach to health and wellness. She has successfully helped many clients meet their goals to lose weight, improve their health, look great in their clothes, and age gracefully. Above all, she is passionate about helping her clients find the joy and satisfaction that comes along with accomplishing more than they thought they could.

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Kettlebell Series

with Minna Harman  Tuesdays at 7am

Build lean muscle and improve your cardio health while effectively working your entire body! In this small group training series you will learn and use correct Kettlebell technique and biomechanics, reduce your risk of injury, and gain fast results both in strength and endurance. We limit the group size to allow individual attention for each participant. Kettlebell training improves coordination and teaches your body to use the entire kinetic chain to improve athletic and sports performance. Build a leaner YOU with Kettlebell!
Open to ALL levels.
*If you have injuries, please seek prior approval. Email to discuss.
April 2-23
May 7-28
June 4-25
Tuesdays at 7am 
in the Martial Arts room
$130 members
$140 non-members
VIP Members: Extra 10% off
Space is limited to max 8


Meet Minna
Minna Harman is a IKFF Certified Kettlebell teacher and Master Personal Trainer. She will get you started on the right foot to add a dynamic component into your training regimen!

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Kind Mind Healthy Body: Weekend Workshop

with Ash Atwood  Saturday at 10am

Reframe your thinking. Change your mindset. Achieve your goals.

In this two hour workshop, Master Trainer, Ash Atwood will uncover the adverse effects of the traditional approach to fitness and goal setting, and will introduce a new method that makes your steps towards your goals meaningful, positive, and sustainable. The problem is not your body, the problem is how you were taught to feel about your body. As a group, we will work to shift our mindset, approach our goal setting in a new way, increase our awareness to what our body needs, and leave feeling better physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

This workshop will be part lecture and experiential. Come dressed comfortably and ready to move your body.

All welcome.

Saturday, May 18
in the Studio

min 5, max 30

$30 member
$35 non-member
VIP 10% discount

About Ash
Ash Atwood was a gymnast for 10 years and a collegiate pole vaulter. Her early career focused on athletes, providing strength and conditioning for teams at UNC-Wilmington. Since 2012 she has worked as a personal trainer, seeking to bring out the inner athlete in all her clients, with an emphasis on balanced movement and mobility. She encourages her clients to have a holistic approach to their health.

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Seasonal Strength

with Chad Kraus  Wednesdays at 6pm, Saturdays at 11am

Now a 5-week series, Chad will take your strength training to a new level and assist you in crushing your goals. Expect to use complex barbell movements to hit new personal bests while focusing on your body's overall function. In keeping with the season, you will learn new moves and use props to improve your balance. This series is not ideal for beginners or anyone with injuries.
May 22-June 26* *No class June 12*
5 weeks
max 8, minimum 3
in the Arena
$125 members
$155 non-members
VIP members save 10%
Meet Chad
This native Austinite has competed in sporting events at a national level and accomplished a personal goal of losing 100 pounds. But his biggest achievements in life thus far has been obtaining the NASM Personal Trainer Certification and helping people achieve their fitness goals.

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Strength Train for Body Transformation

with Jessica Appel  Thursdays at 7am

  • Have you been consistent in your training? 
  • Hitting the weights and cardio but still not getting the results you hoped for? 
  • Is the scale not budging? 
  • Have an event coming up that you want to get in the best shape of your life for? 
  • Are you getting frustrated? 
You are ready for a Transformation! This carefully curated program will change the shape of your body, burn body fat, and build lean muscle mass. 
The first meeting ins a Bod Pod Body Composition Test. For this test, you should not eat, drink, or exercise at least 2 hours before start time. You also need to bring a tight fitting bathing suit. This base line test is included in the program price, an additional Bod Pod test can be purchased at the end of the program. 
This series includes a once a week group workout and 3 days of programmed homework per week. We will work in a small group setting to sculpt your body into the physique you've been hoping for. Emphasis will be on heavy strength training and high intensity cardio. Jessica will review your nutritional log weekly and discuss the incredibly important role of nutrition at each class. 
This class is extremely effective and time tested. Careful adherence to the designed program will absolutely bring you the body composition changes that have been alluding you. 
April 25-May 23
May 30-June 27
Thursdays at 7am
5 week program
first meeting is a Bod Pod + 16 programmed workouts

$140 Members; $165 Non-Member
VIP Member extra 10% off
limited to 6


About Jessica
Jessica is a Master Trainer with over 15 years experience. In 2012, this multi-finishing IronMan decided to shift her focus completely, changing her body composition in preparation for her first Figure Competition at the Texas State Naturals. She lost 25 lbs and 10% body fat. In 2014, she took her training to the next level, giving birth to twin boys. Jessica crafts her programs to empower her clients to meet their goals and blast through plateaus. Most recently she has gotten involved with Crossfit and is more driven and prepared than ever to guide those interested in dramatic fitness and aesthetic results. 

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Ongoing Small Group Training

with Various


If you're curious about personal training but want a more affordable option - try our ongoing small groups! 

Small Groups offer personal attention at a great price! Drop in to any small group training class or purchase a package of four to receive a small discount. 

30-Minute Ongoing Small Group Rates: 
Drop-in Single (member/non-member): $28, $33
Package of 4, 30-minute sessions (member/non-member): $80, $120

60-Minute Ongoing Small Group Rates: 
Drop-in Single (member/non-member): $41, $46
Package of 4, 60-minute sessions (member/non-member): $120, $160

Limited to just 5-8 people per class. 

Online sign-ups for ongoing small groups opens 7 days in advance. You can cancel your spot up to 24 hours prior to group start time. 

See our current schedule below!

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