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Foam Roll Workshop

Foam Roll Workshop

WITH Celeste Knickerbocker
Saturday at 12pm
Sep 24, 2022


Experience an hour of deep stretch and relaxation! Learn the techniques and science behind foam rolling as Celeste leads you on a guided journey of your body from the bottom of your feet to our often tense muscles of the skull. 

The foam roller is not only a great tool to increase flexibility but is optimal for releasing lactic acid following a heavy workout, activating the lymphatic system to flush toxins and excess fluid from the body, and provides full body muscle self-massge and relief. Foam rolling is great for both athletes and beginners alike who are looking for a deeper connection between their mind and body. 

Whether you're looking to cool down using active and passive stretches following a workout, or just want to relieve regular body aches and pains, this class is great for all levels! 

in the Lotus Room

$25 member
$35 non-member
10% discount for VIPs

About Celeste
Celeste has transferred her own life-long passion for movement into a passion for helping others move well. Celeste discovered Pilates at an early age while majoring in dance as a teenager, and has corrected many of her own imbalances and injuries with this technique. Confident in her ability to work with all body types, she enjoys taking mothers through their pregnancies as well as helping people prevent or recuperate from injuries. 

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