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Cosmic Pilates: Gemini Workshop

Cosmic Pilates: Gemini Workshop

WITH Celeste Knickerbocker
Saturday at 12pm
Jun 11, 2022

Get your minds and bodies in the stars!

In Celeste's monthly workshop, we will focus on the body parts associated with the Gemini astrological sign: the lungs, arms, hands, and fingers.

By incorporating work centered around relaxing and strengthening these muscles so critical to work and play, we will move through a routine that utilizes the Pilates moves chosen for the sign while embracing Gemini themes of connection, communication, and excitement. 

With Cosmic Pilates, you can enjoy moves that vibe with the energetic timeline of the stars, using your unique astral blueprint as a guide. By combining the structure of the Pilates method with the time-honored wisdom of Astrology, we will focus on centered movement that helps deepen your understanding of yourself and the way you navigate the world.

Saturday, June 11
Pilates Studio

$25 members
$35 non-members
VIP members save extra 10%

Learn more about the different star signs and movement styles in Celeste's blog posts! 

About Celeste
With Aquarius as her moon sign, the betterment of individuals and humanity comes to Celeste naturally. Growing up in a culture where astrology was considered the "norm," it resonated with her from an early age. In this unique workshop, Celeste weaves together her experience as a Pilates teacher with her passion for Astrology.

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