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New Moon Monthly Soundbath Series

New Moon Monthly Soundbath Series

WITH Audra Shimek
Saturdays at 12pm
Jun 25, 2022


The New Moon is the first phase of the Lunar cycle and known for new beginnings. When the Moon is completely dark in the sky and there is no light, it is the ultimate time to look to your inner light for answers. This is a great time to set intentions and plant seeds for the future. What are you ready to invite into your life?

This special class uses guided meditation, yoga, and sound healing to release what no longer serves us while manifesting abundance into your life. Audra will lead you through a guided meditation, followed by a gentle flow and Sound Bath with Quartz crystal bowls. Playing of the bowls produces deep vibrations that soothe your nervous system while balancing your energy centers and restoring your body’s natural rhythms.

We recommend bringing a journal, extra blanket, and pillow (for additional comfort during the sound portion).

Saturday, 12-1:30pm
June 25

max capacity: 12

Member $35
Nonmember $45

10% VIP member discount
*We recommend signing up with a friend and in advance

Curious about the significance of the New Moon in your practice? Learn about it on our blog here


About Audra
Audra Shimek is a long-time yoga and meditation student & teacher. She is passionate about sharing tools to help others feel good in their mind and body.


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