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Settling in Unsettled Times: Virtual iRest Yoga Nidra Series

WITH Kim Schaefer  Tuesdays at 5:45pm

Even in these unsettling times there remains a steady place of well-being deep within you.

iRest Yoga Nidra meditation is the compass pointing you toward this felt sense of serenity and comfort. The "nidra" of Yoga Nidra means sleep or changing states of consciousness. It refers to your capacity to abide knowingly as an unchanging and wakeful presence in the midst of the changing circumstances of life.

This six-week virtual series offers you the opportunity to release and settle. Each class includes yoga postures to shake away the cobwebs of the day, journaling prompts to support the release of what needs to be composted, and a nourishing guided meditation which will leave you feeling grounded and at ease.

"When practiced regularly - little and often - iRest enables you to meet each moment of your life with unshakable peace and well-being, no matter how challenging or difficult your situation." - iRest Institute

May 26-June 30

6-week series
on Zoom

Sign up in advance!

Sliding Scale Pricing:

Our goal during this difficult time is to provide the needed support to all those affected by this pandemic. We at Castle Hill feel strongly that this virtual series should be accessible to all and price should not be a barrier. When you pay towards the upper end of the scale, you are helping others have access to this service and supporting the instructor and the community. Pay what feels right for you at this time.

$120 ($20/session)
$90 ($15/session)
$60 ($10/session)
$30 ($5/session)

VIP members save 10%.

Meet Kim Schaefer

Kim is a somatic psychotherapist, experienced yoga teacher, and longtime meditator. Her clear and encouraging teaching style make yoga and meditation accessible to anyone seeking to know more about the practice and about themselves.

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