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Feldenkrais®: Weekend Workshop

WITH Pat Siebert  Saturday at 11:30am

Build Awareness and Improve Performance with Feldenkrais®

In this special workshop, you'll discover how Feldenkrais® exercises work to develop more intelligent movement choices, not necessarily stronger muscles. Instead of stretching the muscles, Feldenkrais® works by engaging the brain in a constructive process of sensory-motor learning where each movement is slowly integrated with a larger movement pattern. This natural process supports the brain in choosing more efficient ways to move, which both improves performance and relieves pain. So whether you want to enjoy pain-free running, upgrade your golf or tennis swing, or enjoy your walking in this cool fall weather, this workshop is specially tailored for your needs.

Learn a new, smarter way to move that nature intended in order to:

  • Find new ways to reduce and eliminate pain
  • Improve for your performance in any sport or activity
  • Increase your comfort, enjoyment, and ease of movement
  • Improve your sense of self-confidence and self-awareness

Saturday, January 12
in the Studio

$35 for all
VIP members save 10%
Please register in advance

About your teacher, Pat Siebert
Pat Siebert has been a trained Feldenkrais® instructor since 1986. Through Feldenkrais and Compassionate Communication®, he aspires to help all people find fully integrated movement that honors their current mental, physical, and emotional life.

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