Our yoga event calendar offers one-day workshops, multi-week series, special events, and trainings designed to take your practice to a new level. Browse the upcoming events below to begin studying in-depth with your favorite teachers. You do not need to be a member of Castle Hill Fitness in order to attend. Advance registration is always recommended to secure your spot in an upcoming program.

Yoga for Beginners Workshop

with Erica Vetra

Saturday at 1pm

This Yoga workshop is for anyone who is considering starting a yoga practice, or any practicing yogi who finds themselves leaving their favorite class with questions. Erica will lead a comfortable non-intimidating workshop with space for all your questions. She will focus on a selection of fundamental poses as well as the classic Sun Salutation A, in order to provide a basis of comfort and safety so you will feel confident when attending public yoga classes, or practicing on your own. 

Saturday, September 28 1-2:30pm Mind Body Studio 

$35 members $45 non-members VIP members extra 10% off Everyone welcome!


Meet Erica Erica Vetra is an athletic mobility and yoga instructor who has taught classes all over the world. She uses yoga, fitness, and martial arts to create intentional and effective classes that are safe for all levels. 

Inversions Made Easy

with Summer Greenlees

Saturday at 1pm

This workshop is a gentle introductory-level exploration of inversions and how to safely execute them. Inversions have many benefits, including boosting your circulation and vascular system, lymphatic system, as well as building core and upper body strength, and balance. Bonus: an increase in confidence and gain a new perspective!

Try this 90-minute workshop and discover the inversion practice that is best suited for you! Summer will discuss the foundations to achieve the approachable inversions like down dog and standing forward folds, as well as more advanced versions like shoulder stand, headstand, and handstands. 

Saturday, October 12 1-2:30pm 90 minutes minimum 4, max 16

$35 members $45 non-members VIP members extra 10% off Everyone welcome! 


About Summer Summer has been teaching yoga and performing massage bodywork for 20 years. Her yoga work is based in somatics and specializes in movement re-patterning. Summer aspires to help clients find their own way of moving in a supportive and nurturing environment.