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Meet Our Yoga Instructors

Castle Hill Yoga instructors are a diverse and highly-trained group of individuals that bring their expertise and inspired styles of teaching to the classroom. They are certified in a variety of yoga traditions, qualified to teach continuing education, and consistently provide the highest-quality yoga instruction in Austin.

  • Anna Gieselman

    Anna Gieselman
    Yoga Instructor - Hatha
      Anna was first introduced to yoga while attending art school in Santa Fe NM in 2000. She began her yoga teacher studies in 2004 and continues to enjoy learning new aspects of yoga therapy and wisdom training. She received her 200 hour certification through Prajna Yoga in Santa Fe NM and is presently finishing the requirements for her 500 hr certification. Anna is a committed student of Tias Little with whom she studies therapeutic yoga with a focus on anatomy, physiology, yogic wisdom and Zen meditation. She has also studied yoga for women’s health with Surya Little and Linda Spackman and is certified in pre and post natal yoga. In addition to teaching yoga she was a massage therapist for over a decade. Her education in anatomy and myofascial release, most specifically Anatomy Trains with Tom Meyers, have greatly impacted her knowledge and practice as a yoga teacher. With a focus on proper alignment and the use of props Anna hopes to guide students towards a more open and peaceful place in their bodies and mind. Her classes are inspired by her daily journey through the rhythms of life and living in the human body. A typical class will include meditation, pranayama (breath work), and therapeutic asanas (postures) with the goal of becoming more mindful, grounded and aware of the inner workings of the body.

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    - Hatha

  • Anne Schultz

    Anne Schultz
    Yoga Instructor - Iyengar
      Anne-Marie Schultz is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor at the Junior Intermediate 1 level. She has practiced yoga since 1994 and has taught yoga since 1997. She currently studies locally with Devon Dederich and Peggy Kelley. Anne-Marie regularly attends workshops and teacher training sessions with senior instructors in the Iyengar tradition. She studies most closely with Laurie Blakeney, Patricia Walden, Eddy Marks, Mary Obendorfer, and George Purvis. She just completed a two month stay at the Iyengar Institute in Pune, India. Anne-Marie is Professor of Philosophy at Baylor University and directs the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core.

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    - Iyengar

  • Ashley Cheng

    Ashley Cheng
    Yoga Instructor - Forrest
      Ashley is a native Austinite and Forrest yoga instructor. She approaches her teaching practice like a fine meal – taking each pose one bite at a time and savoring every breath as a nourishing, decadent experience. Her classes emphasize thoughtful alignment and artful sequencing while building a deep connection to the breath. She’s passionate about providing a deliciously playful space for students of all levels to cultivate their own healing practice. In addition to completing the Forrest Yoga Foundations Training, she is a certified Vinyasa instructor through YogaWorks and has completed advanced teacher trainings in hands-on healing and assisting through YogaHOPE founder Sue Jones and Prana Flow’s Simon Park. Most recently she completed a year-long mentorship under Forrest Yoga Gaurdians Catherine Allen and Ann Hyde. You can learn more about Ashley at www.yogiaustin.com

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    - Forrest

  • Ben Heath

    Ben Heath
    Yoga Instructor - Vinyasa
      As far back as he can remember Ben has been a seeker. It wasn't until he began the practice of yoga several years ago that he realized "this was it", and has dedicated himself completely to the practice. Now he spends the majority of his time traveling, primarily for yoga trainings, and learning various modalities of bodywork.

      With a steady drive for knowledge and self discovery, Ben is continually exploring new ways to learn so that he can share more fully the practice of yoga in his classes. Ben is a licensed massage therapist specializing in deep tissue, corrective work. He spends most of his time working on yoga practitioners so that his clients can get the most out of their practice. Ben's belief is that yoga is a path of self discovery and healing, physical health, and ultimately a heightened sense of awareness of the beauty and love that this life has to offer. Ben infuses his deep understanding of anatomy and alignment, his studies in philosophy and meditation into every class, leading to a well rounded, challenging practice. His belief is that when yoga is practiced in its entirety, the natural evolution is awareness of the self and our inherent connection to all beings.

      You can find out more about Ben at his website: www.NadiYogi.com

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    - Vinyasa

  • Charly Pivert

    Charly Pivert
    Yoga Instructor - Anusara®
      Charly Pivert is a Certified Anusara® Yoga Instructor who has studied with John Friend since 1994. With over 20 years of teaching experience, Charly brings a deep understanding of how the physical practice of Yoga can connect to one's heart and have the power to transform lives. Charly teaches and lives in Austin, Texas.

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    - Anusara®

  • Collette Hill

    Collette Hill
    Yoga Instructor - Vinyasa
      Collette, E-RYT200 and RYT 500 discovered yoga as a compliment to her breath and body work while majoring in Acting. After working as a teacher for a few years and receiving a Masters in Curriculum and Instructional Leadership, she moved to Austin and decided to take her yoga practice to the next level and completed her teacher certification. Collette strives to practice with intention -- both on the mat and off! For her, this means moving with an open mind, a happy heart, and compassion for herself and others. Through teaching, she hopes to inspire a sense of community and to encourage her students to push past self-imposed physical and mental limits. In Collette's class, you'll experience a light-hearted, dynamic, mindful and fun flow-based practice. Bring your sense of adventure and a smile!

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    - Vinyasa

  • Courtney Bell

    Courtney Bell
    Vinyasa Yoga Instructor
      Courtney is a Vinyasa Yoga teacher with over ten years experience in both Yoga and Massage Therapy. She combines her love for physical strength, natural movement, and intentional action into a safe and challenging class that allows each student to explore a range of Yoga Asana through well-planned sequencing and attention to alignment that inspires and enhances life force. Her background as an anthropologist and world traveler serves to provide a friendly and inviting space for men and women of all ages and abilities to learn techniques and practices to gain flexibility, strength, confidence, and awareness in Yoga.

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  • Emily Murray

    Emily Murray
    Yoga Instructor - Forrest Inspired | (Website)
      Emily’s passion for yoga was sparked after a series of knee injuries and operations that resulted from years of running. In addition to the physical benefits, the mental and emotional benefits of yoga immediately resonated with her, and Emily began her teaching journey shortly after graduating college. She started out teaching Baptiste-inspired vinyasa in Boulder, Colorado, and since has gone on to study with Ana Forrest. Emily’s therapeutic approach to yoga is complemented by physical rigor and a deeply concentrated effort. Being an instructor has been one of the most rewarding experiences of her life, as it truly is a gift that keeps on giving. In addition to teaching yoga, Emily works as a holistic nutrition counselor in Austin. For more information visit: NutritionistAustin.com.

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    - Forrest Inspired

  • Gillian Barksdale

    Gillian Barksdale
    Yoga Instructor - Iyengar
      Gillian Stahl Barksdale is a certified Iyengar Yoga instructor who began her yoga practice in 1996. She completed a three-year intensive teacher training program at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of Los Angeles, and has enjoyed teaching since 2001. Gillian has studied with many talented Iyengar instructors including Manouso Manos, Leslie Peters, Karin O'Bannon, Jo Zukovich, and Gloria Goldberg. In addition, Gillian feels privileged to have attended the Yoga Journal Conference in Estes Park where B.K.S. Iyengar taught in 2005, and the Iyengar Yoga Odyssey with Geeta Iyengar in 2001. Gillian teaches with clear and precise, verbal and visual instructions, and brings a sense of joy and humor to the class.

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    - Iyengar

  • Jenn Coats

    Jenn Coats
    Yoga Instructor
      Jenn is an instructor with over 2500 hours of teaching experience who began her yoga practice in 2002 as a way to recover from injuries received as dancer. She appreciates and has studied various forms of yoga, but her heart and passion lies with the vinyasa tradition in which the breath, body and mind can meld in a fluid and rhythmic moving meditation. Jenn attributes her background as an anthropologist to her firm belief that yoga truly is for everybody, regardless of age, ability, background, or beliefs. Jenn's classes are alignment based, uniquely sequenced, playfully challenging, and tailored to the needs of her students. She encourages students to explore their possibilities while offering a welcoming and community based environment.

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  • Juan Anguiano

    Juan Anguiano
    Yoga Instructor - Ashtanga Mysore
      Juan earned a degree in Athletic Training from the University of Texas at Austin in 2016. His clinical work on- and off-the-field with UT and St. Edward's University involved working on athletes from a range of disciplines, including: track and field, volleyball, swimming, diving, football, baseball, softball, soccer, tennis and golf. He is certified through the Board of Certification and licensed in the state of Texas to provide sports medicine support for athletes and the general population with a focus on emergent care, orthopedic evaluation of musculo-skeletal injury and illness, therapeutic interventions and rehabilitation guidance. As an allied health professional he is able to collaborate with physicians and physical therapists to ensure continuity of care for clients who are seeking to transition from rehab to a more active lifestyle and athletes who are seeking to return to play. Juan obtained his personal training certification through the American Council on Exercise in 2010. In 2003 he trained in massage through the Lauterstein-Conway School of massage in Austin. He has practiced yoga since the late 90's and has been teaching yoga for 15+ years with a focus on applying a therapeutic perspective of yoga for diverse populations from children to seniors and the sedentary to athletic. Personal Training sessions with Juan integrate research and evidence-based practices tailored to each client's personal goals while also providing individualized programs that address imbalances that have been acquired through the demands of sport, daily life, injury or illness. In addition to his work in fitness and teaching yoga he also works as a medical scribe for an orthopedic surgeon and a plastic surgeon at Austin Bone and Joint Clinic. His other interests include being active outside as much as possible, exploring and studying movement, reading about history, spending time with a small group of close friends and family, and honing his skills as a DJ.

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    - Ashtanga Mysore

  • Kate Bero

    Kate Bero
    Yoga Instructor
      Kate is certified in Dharma Yoga at the 300-hour level and has been practicing yoga for ten years. What began as a simple curiosity is now a daily practice that expands far beyond the yoga mat. Kate recognizes that we often have emotions and memories held deep within our bodies and offers her classes as an awareness-based exploration of how to interact with this inner landscape in ways that are healthy and self-nurturing. She believes all forms of yoga offer a beautiful practice that expands the cultivation of awareness, compassion and understanding. Yin Yoga, marked by it's slow, still, meditative qualities, is the perfect modality to practice self awareness and drop inside while softening our exterior shell.

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  • Kim Schaefer

    Kim Schaefer
    Yoga Instructor -
      Kim has a gift for guiding her students through the hard work and challenge of asana practice with laughter and humility. Her clear and encouraging teaching style allows even those new to yoga to feel supported and motivated. Her love for teaching is demonstrated in her warm, caring and approachable nature. Kim has been teaching yoga since 2006. Her extensive training in the Anusara system of Hatha yoga has prepared her well to offer public yoga classes, private instruction, workshops and retreats. Kim is also a licensed massage therapist and her knowledge of the physical and subtle bodies enables her to assist students in finding their own physical expansion and emotional acceptance. Always a student herself, Kim continually seeks to expand her boundaries and knowledge of the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga. For more information about Kim, check out her website: www.purebalanceaustin.com

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  • Kori Jones

    Kori Jones
    Restorative Yoga
      Kori completed her 200hr RYT with Gioconda Parker and has been practicing yoga and incorporating it in her life for over a decade. She specializes as a "Relax and Renew" trainer and is certified with the "Warriors at Ease" program using yoga a tool for military related trauma. Kori is the found of the Texas Mala Project, who serves our nation's military families by providing free yoga and stress management services through sales of special malas collections on Etsy.

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    Restorative Yoga

  • Mandie Pitre

    Mandie PitreMaster Pilates Trainer
      Years in the Business: 7

      Certifications: Wendy Leblanc Arbuckle, Second generation master Pilates teacher, "Core Connections" teacher training program.

      Specialties/Focus in Training: Rehabilitative Pilates, improving performance of athletes, having everyday people feel like champions in their bodies, creating holistic transformation via Pilates.
      Highlights/Accomplishments: I am a dancer and choreographer and have spent years using Pilates to transform my body and transform my dancing. I also have had the great fortune of training and working for one of the finest Pilates masters in the country. What I have to offer is not only an athletic workout but the knowledge to take any person's body and have them reach their potential regardless of age, athletic background, and body type. I am your personal cheerleader!

      Favorites: Dancing, choreographing, my community of peers and friends, my two Chihuahuas, the late swim at Barton Springs and, the margaritas at Polvos with good friends!

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    Master Pilates Trainer

  • Maricarmen Wilson

    Maricarmen Wilson
    Yoga Instructor - Vinyasa | (Website)
      Maricarmen's teaching practice is based on the zen philosophy of keeping the open mind of a beginner. With over 22 years of practice, pranayama and philosophy study and 15 years of teaching, she has been inspired and guided by her Iyengar, Jivamukti, Prajna, and Ashtanga teachers. Her Shakti Flow classes are a reflection of her commitment to remain awake, curious, and self-aware in one's own practice. In the unique and creative design of each class, students are encouraged and supported to tap into their power, intuition and true potential with grace. She is eternally grateful to all her teachers and is currently expanding her somatic studies with Jill Miller and Judith Lasater, Ph.D. Maricarmen is the founder of Inspired Shakti (™) and Radiant Core (™). She lives her yoga with her husband and three beautiful boys in Austin, TX. "The mind of the beginner is empty, free of the habit of the expert, ready to accept, to doubt, and open to all the possibilities.." - Baker roshi For more information about Maricarmen please visit her website at http://inspiredshakti.com

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    - Vinyasa

  • Tracey Silverman

    Tracey Silverman
    Yoga Instructor - Forrest | (Website)
      Meet Tracey Silverman Tracey is a certified Forrest Yoga teacher and recently completed the Yoga Tune Up ® training and has been practicing yoga for 15 years. She brings positive, inspiring energy to every class and uses a caring, compassionate touch through hands-on assists to maximize your experience of each pose. In her classes you can expect a fun and playful atmosphere while challenging yourself to explore the physical the physical and emotional landscape of your body.

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    - Forrest