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Julie Sandefer

Julie Sandefer
Julie Sandefer
Massage Therapist
Julie  is a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in pregnancy/postpartum massage, deep tissue/sports massage as well as relaxation techniques. She believes in the importance of self care from 'head-to-toe, skin-to-bone, inside-to-out'---total being wellness. Julie stresses the importance of "nutritious muscles" that have the opportunity for injury recovery, detoxification, flexibility and restoration. In addition to this, her pregnant massage clients know that she is experienced in labor support and serves as a doula (birthing companion) at local hospitals. She loves to encourage anyone involved in the birthing process. Design your session to tailor fit your body's needs. Physical pain? Mental stress? While stress or pain may bring you in, allow the healthy results to keep you coming back!
Licensed Massage Therapist
Joined the CHF Team in: 2005
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