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Sara Garonzik

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Sara Garonzik
Sara Garonzik
Pilates Trainer
    Years in the Business: 1

    Certifications: The Pilates Studio of Los Angeles under Melinda Bryan

    Specialties/Focus in Training: I really love introducing people to the art of Pilates and helping them gain a solid foundation of the principles and techniques. I have extensive training in fascia, body alignment and how Pilates can be an effective rehab tool.

    I've been practicing Pilates for over 15 years. I've always returned to it when I've needed a sense of centering and mindfulness in my life. Pilates really blossomed for me once I started to apply the principles that I learned through Yoga and weight training to my practice. I really love helping people get a deeper understanding of their body and with that knowledge teaching them to move better throughout their daily life.
    Highlights/Accomplishments: BA's in Fashion Theory, English, Philosophy and Gender Studies. I'm a lifelong learner who loves to cook.

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