Mel Glouchkova

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Mel  Glouchkova
Mel Glouchkova
Master Trainer
Years in the Business: 13

Certifications: Certified Pilates Instructor: Glenn Studios/GoodBodies

Specialties/Focus in Training:
I enjoy working with all types of people as long as they are focused and truly wanting to learn. I do well with athletes – both men and women – as well as teenagers. I love working with new students, too – bringing awareness to their bodies and minds. I also enjoy working with dancers. Highlights/Accomplishments: Danced professionally for too many years, still teach ballet in the private sector, participated in the Kirov Ballet's "Glasnost Buddies" – which allowed me to take class with them – awesome!!!! Drank coffee with Robert Joffrey at Denny's in San Antonio, my two beautiful children with my wonderfully nutty hubby, Vlad, and my secondary education certification. Too many things to list!

Favorites: Turquoise blues and greens are my favorite colors, LOVE dance, music of all genres except country, red wine and m&m's and icing with a little cake underneath it. Love to travel, museums, cats – I could be that crazy cat lady, (actually all animals), Mickey, dry humor, reading – anything really – but Nelson Demille is one of my favs., good movies (too many favorites) and of course, Grey's Anatomy and So you think you can dance!!!!

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