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Ergo Lab

The Ergonomics or "Ergo" Lab is the testing ground of Jerry Gerlich, Master Personal Trainer and Steve Hogg Approved Bike Fitter. In the "Lab" clients from ages 15 to 90 work with Jerry to improve their bodies functional mechanics and reset the nervous system. The menu of services are results-driven and benefit everyone, from cyclists looking to gain a competitive edge, to Parkinson's patients, to chronic pain sufferers of any age.

Bike Fit Services

Comprehensive Bike Fit

Since we all cycle, walk, push, pull, twist, balance, breathe and stabilize differently, each fitting is a new adventure. Comfortable and efficient cycling requires more than just sitting on a seat, grabbing a bar and turning over the cranks. An optimal cycling position requires us to have well-supported feet with the appropriate seat and bar positions for comfort, leverage and stability. By having stable, flexible and strong bodies, we can push our physical boundaries with limited detrimental impact. A truly optimized position allows us to look ahead comfortably and breathe deeply while enjoying the ride.


  • 3 hours for $600 and $200 per hour thereafter. (average sessions run 4-6 hours) (billed in half hour increments, as are the services below)
  • Setting up a second bike based on the first bike is $200/hour
  • Setting up an extra pair of shoes is $200/hour
  • Cutting seat masts, ATB handlebars and other necessary "surgeries" is $200 per hour (may require pickup at a later date depending on parts/services needed)
  • Replacing parts such as tires, chain, cassette or other components necessary to conduct the session safely is $200 per hour

One-Hour Position Consultation

Jerry prefers that all clients begin with a comprehensive fitting/assessment for optimal results. We understand that not all riders want or need the 3-hour Comprehensive Fit, and some would just like to make small adjustments quickly. Our one-hour position consultation provides adjustment of the critical contact points on a bicycle as decided by your fitter. The service has been developed by Jerry Gerlich through 25 years of positioning experience.

The One-Hour Session addresses:

  • Cleat adjustment for providing a stable and neutral foot position.
  • Seat height adjustment for appropriate leg extension with smooth, stable form.
  • Seat setback adjustment for placing the pelvis in a balanced fore/aft position.
  • Seat angle adjustment for soft tissue comfort and stabilization at the pelvis.
  • Handlebar rotation adjustment for ergonomics at the wrists and arms.
  • Handlebar height adjustment via the stem and spacers for torso/shoulder reach.

After your fit you will receive:

  • Your fitting results listing all the measurements on an easy-to-read chart.
  • Recommendation on needed upgrades resulting from your fit.

Pricing: $200

Shoe Cleat Position Analysis

Installation/adjustments of cycling cleats for the optimization of comfort, leverage and performance

This patented approach provides certainty in crucial areas of bike fitting instead of relying on the educated guesswork that has been traditionally applied. The nature of these fitting principles means that the detail of their application varies as much as people do.

  • Detailed measurement of the cleats both pre and post fitting
  • Measurement of the 1st and 5th toe joints for reference
  • Installation and adjustment of modular insoles if needed
  • Application of the Steve Hogg neurological testing methods to determine amount and placement of wedging if needed at the forefoot, cleat, heel or a combination of the three
  • Installation of any shimming under the appropriate shoe if needed
  • Marking the soles of the shoes for future replacement of the cleats
  • Minor readjustment of the seat to reflect cleat changes
  • Detailed spreadsheet with cleat position information, leg length, overall foot length and differential measurements between the first and fifth Metatarsal/Phalange joints, and other specifics relating to insoles, shimming and wedging

Pricing: $200/hour

Triathlon/TT Positioning

Supple, effective swimming technique and smooth-running form are split by the most time-consuming portion of a triathlon, the bike leg. A comfortable bike position that allows for powerful leverage, optimal breathing and stable handling can have a huge impact on how fresh an athlete feels when it’s time to run. Adjusting these bicycles should reflect the functional and positional needs of the specific client. Average sessions run 4-6 hours, possibly longer depending on equipment variables.

Pricing: $200/hour

Body Remapping

Find optimal movement patterns, reset your system, and remove yourself from chronic pain with Body Remapping. Throughout our lives, we experience traumas that cause imbalances, scars, and pathways that lead us from functioning at our best and upset the body’s natural “roadmap”. By identifying proprioceptive deficits and working to correct functional biomechanics, Jerry has helped numerous clients find their optimal ergonomic movement patterns. If you can walk, you can benefit from a session!

Clients that have most benefited from this work include: chronic pain sufferers, those dealing with symptoms associated with neurological or physical dysfunction, Parkinson’s patients, and those seeking post-surgery aftercare.

What does Body Remapping include:

  • Interview to outline any variables or physical issues causing problems
  • Thorough evaluation of your stability, form, and function
  • Unique assessment methods, muscle testing and retesting
  • Remedial exercises and stretched for increased symmetry, range of motion, and coordination
  • Complete set of notes and homework to take home


$140 members
$145 non-members


$405 members
$420 non-members
Savings of $5 per session


$750 members
$780 non-members
Savings of $15 per session

About Jerry

Jerry Gerlich has worked with cyclists and triathletes for decades, gym clients for over 15 years and recently delved into the world of endurance auto racing with effective ergonomic suggestions, functional movement remediation and foot correction techniques. His knowledge, experience, and truly unique techniques combined with a passion for improved function, posture and performance has improved the lives of hundreds of local, national and international clients.

Jerry is a founding staff member to CHF and holds numerous certifications and continuing ed courses since 2001.


  • BS in Kinesiology from UT Austin
  • ACE Personal Training
  • Powerplate USA
  • HeartZones Cycle Training
  • Steve Hogg Bike Fits
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • C.H.E.K. Advanced Conditioning

Joined the CHF Team in: 2002

Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect during the Comprehensive Fitting

  • Pre-fit interview to outline any variables or physical issues causing problems while you ride.
  • Thorough evaluation of your stability, form and function both on and off the bike(s).
  • Application of unique assessment and cleat/seat/bar adjustment methods with an emphasis on cleat/shoe and saddle/bar optimization as applied by Steve Hogg.
  • Remedial off-the-bike exercises and stretches for increased symmetry, range of motion and coordination.
  • Detailed position records post-fit for future use in setting up different bicycles.

What NOT to expect during the Comprehensive Fitting

  • Diagnosis of injuries or diseases.
  • Chiropractic-type adjustments.
  • Cleaning/tuning/repair services to bicycles in need of attention. (We are not responsible for questionable equipment that fails during a fitting session)

What to expect AFTER the Comprehensive Fitting

New muscular recruitment patterns take time to settle in and feel solid. You are highly encouraged to come in with a 2-3 week window of easy riding after the fitting work to give your muscles and nervous system time to adapt to the changes.  You will most likely experience one or more of the following:

  • New sensations through the whole body as your feet, pelvis, back and hands can wind up in much different positions than when you arrived.
  • Small ring efforts without hills at a heart rate of under 75% max for 2-3 weeks to give your body time to develop the new motor patterns required for the new position.
  • New balance sensations. (Adapting to these new balance sensations will require frequent riding without hard cornering, sprinting, long efforts and fast descents.)
  • Minor aches and pains caused by your body’s previous motor patterns attempting to function with the new position.

What our Bike Fitter expects after the Comprehensive Fitting

  • Your trust that I know what I am doing and that I WILL make improvements to how you feel on the bike.
  • You will commit to this process with me.
  • You will contact me with any questions or concerns as soon as possible.
  • You will follow my instructions and you WILL NOT make any adjustments to your bike without first discussing it with me.
  • You will do your best to follow the off-the-bike recommendations that I give you.

What to Bring

  • Basic Equipment: Bike(s), shoes, fresh cleats if available, any orthotic devices/insoles/foot beds you have, any cleat shims or wedges you currently use, cycling riding kit, all eye wear including prescription glasses, sunglasses, readers and swim goggles, helmet(s), gloves, seat bag with contents, mobile phone and sunscreen to test your new position outside if possible.
  • Accessories: Water bottle for hydration, snacks, money for purchases in our Food for Fitness organic café, shock pump, seat mast cutting guide or other tools/spacers/items specific to your bicycle.
  • An Open Mind: You will experience a completely unique approach to bicycle fitting available only in Austin, Texas.

What to Wear

  • Cycling kit, including jersey, bib, shorts, cycling socks, sports bra for women. (Ideally, shoulder, spine and hip assessments are conducted with the jersey off.)
  • Sandals or running shoes for moving around the gym without cycling shoes.
  • Light jacket or sweatshirt for the bike fitting room. (This isn't absolutely necessary, but the room runs cool for exercisers.)
  • Please refrain from wearing cologne, heavily-scented body spray or perfume.

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