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Robert Reed

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Robert Reed
Robert Reed
Elite Trainer
Robert Reed is a life long athlete having both collegiate and professional careers in football. As a four year letterman and three year starter for the UT Longhorns, Robert has the knowledge and know-how to train clients for sports specific conditioning. In addition to being a Founding staff at Castle Hill, Robert is a 5th generation, 5th degree black belt in Kajukenbo and 2nd degree black belt in American Kenpo. 
Robert's classes are as entertaining as they are difficult. He will push you beyond your limits, but it's also his charm that keeps his devoted clients coming back. 
Certifications: ACE certified personal trainer, 5th generation 5th degree black belt in Kajukenbo self defense system, 2nd degree black belt in American Kenpo. 2008 Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame Induction - Instructor of the Year.
Joined the CHF Team in: 2002
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