Our fitness event calendar is your source for highly-focused one-day workshops, multi-week series, and special events designed to take your fitness to a new level. Whether there is a specific area or training style you wish to learn more about, our highly trained fitness personal trainers have a small group program for you. Browse the upcoming events below to begin studying in-depth with your favorite teachers. You do not need to be a member of Castle Hill Fitness in order to attend. Advance registration is always recommended to secure your spot in an upcoming program.

Donation Classes for Friends of Austin Animal Center

Donation Classes for Friends of Austin Animal Center

with Various
January 23-29
Supporting Castle's Community

Castle Hill Fitness is more than just a gym. We strive to foster a community that celebrates a person's individual journey towards a higher quality of life. As much as the individual,  the health of our overall community has always been a priority for us - and we mean more than just our fitness family. We're talking everyone.

Each month, varying classes on the Castle Hill Fitness virtual and in-person schedule are made into donation-based classes to support a rotating chosen charity. Enjoy your favorite workouts while tending to your health AND an organization working to make a better world. Win-win! 


All of the proceeds from our January classes will go towards the Friends of Austin Animal Center. Friends of ACC supports pets inside the Austin Animal Center and its surrounded area - the nation's largest no-kill community. FAAC works to enhance the lives of Austin's shelter pets and remove barriers to adoption. Their mission is to help shelter pets find new families, keep pets in homes, and provide enrichment and care for pets (and humans!) in the shelters. 

Can't make it to any of the classes but still wish to donate? Click here to donate directly to The Friends of Austin Animal Center. 


Click here to see the organizations we've previously supported, and how much YOU helped raise! 

Conditioning Camp

Conditioning Camp

with Robert Reed
Monday, Wednesdays, & Fridays at 6am
This class gives you a different body-transforming workout 3 mornings a week. That’s right. Your Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings could be spent with Robert Reed doing strength training, sprints, kickboxing, plyometrics, and more - in a small group. Find a new you. All levels, but no injuries, please.
*Sign up for two months at a time and save!*

  Jan 3 - 28 Jan 31 - Feb 25 Feb 28 - March 25

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 6:00–6:55am in the Multi-sport maximum 12

3x/wk; paid monthly members: $250/mo non-members: $275/mo

2 months discount members: $400/2mo non-members: $450/2mo



Meet Robert Robert is an ACE certified Elite level personal trainer, 5th generation 7th degree black belt in Kajukenbo self defense system and 2nd degree black belt in American Kenpo. He pulls from his experience in athletics and martial arts to give a unique workout that will challenge your limits! 


Self-Defense for Women Workshop

Self-Defense for Women Workshop

with Robert Reed
Saturday at 10am

Empower yourself by learning skills to help defend against an assault. Kajukenbo is a combination of five different martial arts. It is the blending of the "most lethal" aspects of karate, judo, jiu jitsu, Chinese kenpo, and kung fu.

In this one-day workshop participants will learn the first kajukenbo and kung fu self-defense techniques. Though heart rates will be raised and muscles will be sore, this is not a gym workout. Students are in the class to learn actual self-defense techniques that could help one day save their life.

The confidence you will gain from this course alone is worth the price of admission. You can expect partner work and close personal contact to simulate real-life situations, and because of this masks are required. All participants are responsible and supported in setting their own limits and comfort level. 

Daughters should be at least 10 years old and be mature enough to handle adult subject matter or verbiage. Recommended attire: workout clothes. 

Saturday, March 19 10am-12pm at CHF Downtown 

Questions? email robert.reed@castlehillfitness.com

PRICE: $35 members $45 non-members 10% VIP member discount

*Sign up with a friend! We recommend signing up in advance.

Masks are required for all attendants due to close proximity. 

About Robert Reed Sifu Robert Reed is a fifth-generation Black Belt instructor under Professor Moses Williams, and ACE certified Elite personal trainer. He is passionate about helping women and girls learn how to defend themselves. 
Barbell + TRX Small Group

Barbell + TRX Small Group

with Keith Kohanek
Tuesdays + Thursdays at 6:30pm
Ready to Get Strong! 

This small group will focus on the "Big Three" barbell lifts - back squats, deadlifts, and the bench press. We’ll develop your technique, then add weight to the bar and strength and muscle to your body.

Bonus! Learn fun and effective ways to incorporate the TRX suspension unit into your workouts.

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30pm Capacity: 6

Pricing: Member - $41 / $120 4-pack Nonmember - $46 / $160 4-pack

MEET KEITH Keith Kohanek is a NASM-certified personal trainer, and he believes you should love your workouts! Keith's workouts are just enough "extra" that keeps the body guessing and the results rolling. 

Ladies Who Lift: Small Group

Ladies Who Lift: Small Group

with Tara Penawell
Saturdays at 11am
Master the weight room.

This small group will educate, challenge, and inspire. Each session will focus on fundamental barbell lifts that you will learn to execute properly and with good form. The workouts each week will vary but will have a cohesive plan with the intent of making progress for those who attend regularly.

All levels are welcome!

Saturdays at 11am at CHF Downtown in the Arena Capacity: 8

Pricing: Member - $41 / $120 4-pack Nonmember - $46 / $160 4-pack

Max 6


MEET TARA Tara has an extensive background in the health and fitness industry, with over sixteen years working as a personal trainer. Due to her education, experience, and dedication to acquiring new skills, she has helped a wide range of clients, and enjoys the diversity of working with people with different goals and backgrounds. Above all, she is passionate about helping her clients meet their goals and find the joy and satisfaction that comes along with their success.