""Hilary and Jessica are amazing - the two of them have kicked our butts over the past year and a half with target toning, spin and personal strength training." - Curvette, former Texas..."
Curvette, Texas Rollergirls

"Mandie is very knowledgeable and took the time to not only explain how to do the exercise on the equipment, but why the equipment was created. She was very patient with the..."

"Know that I recognize and deeply value the loving contribution of artistic form + imaginative function = Castle Hill Fitness "
Dianne Graham

"I'm very proud of you and proud to be a member of Castle Hill! "
Toni Thomasson

"Your gym is the best! And I am proud of your commitments to your love for health, life and the environment. "
Katherine Butler

"I love Anna Gieselman's Hatha Yoga class on Tuesdays. She was substituting the class for Paula but I would love to see her teach more classes at Castle Hill in general and..."
Yoga Client

"The Castle never lets me down!!! This month is my 3 year anniversary!! I could not ask for a better gym or a more delightful group of dedicated athletes to staff it. "
Anna Krachey

"It is so great to be back, I love love y'all's gym! Everybody is fantastic and I'm starting to get classes back into my workout regimen. Love them all so far!"
Kiley Grantges

"I am LOVING Castle Hill and Minna is amazing. She's made huge difference in such a short amount of time. I'm recruiting friends left and right to join CH and work..."

"I must tell you that I have belonged to many gyms and I am in love with working out at Castle Hill… I am 6 pounds lighter today… I feel so much..."
Aimee Deputy

Class Schedule

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 Friday, Aug 1st Instructor Length Level Room
12:15 pmR3volution Fit COMMUNITY CLASS

Jodie Eldridge
    Jodie started cycling in high school as a means to condition for sports. She has traveled the country with her mountain bike in tow entering races or exploring epic rides. Today she loves to alternate between road and mountain biking previously leading rides from local bike shops.

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Jodie Eldridge

Set your weekend off right with an energy boosting fitness revolution. Mixing upbeat Indoor Cycling, light weights, fun body weight moves and functional killer core work, this class will be the best total body workout of your week! All Levels

Jodie (sub)55 minAllMulti-Sport
4:30 pmRealign and Shine Community Class

Kellie Arnold
    Kellie Arnold is an Anusara-Inspired™ instructor. She first found yoga when searching for the next physical activity to challenge her body. She fell in love with it when she found it soothed her mind as well. She originally trained with Baron Baptiste who taught her how to be herself. Then she found Anusara® Yoga which continued her passion for authenticity while adding the alignment for the nerdy engineer inside. Her classes illustrate her journey; a journey that can take on many forms and yet at the heart of the practice is goodness and bliss.

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Kellie Arnold
 Realign and Shine Community Class

A time of play and practice awaits you! Fuse breath and movement in this fun and active class which offers an ongoing exploration into the practice of yoga. As you bring your physical body into alignment, your spirit will follow. Shine into your weekend fully integrated. All levels

Kellie (sub)75 minAllChakras

Our Class Levels are: BEG=Beginner 1=novice 2=intermediate 3=advanced 4=expert All=All levels
Your practice should be in tune with your level of fitness and flexibility: listen to your body!

NOT A MEMBER? No Problem! Our Classes are open to all non-members; click for prices.

COMMUNITY CLASS are $10 for non-members ($6 for Premier members)
All regular classes are Free for VIP members

NOTES on Ashtanga Mysore classes that display the symbol:
No practice on full moon and new moon days according to the Ashtanga tradition.
The no practice dates are: Aug 10, Aug 25, Sept 8, Sept 24, Oct 8, Oct 23, Nov 6, Dec 21.
Ashtanga Mysore evening classes and led classes STILL meet.

*Participation in Mysore requires a separate program pass. Click for details...

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