Resistance Tubes


Specially designed for a resistance training workout, these natural rubber tubes provide a smooth, comfortable, and consistent stretch. Incorporate an important resistance element to your workouts using the resistance bands and your bodyweight! As long as you have access to strong support (beam, tree, door, etc.), you can use these anywhere. Work every muscle group in your body, at whatever intensity you wish. These tubes are color-coded in progressive levels of resistance. We offer the following levels: 

  • Blue – Light Resistance
  • Yellow – Medium Resistance
  • Red – Heavy Resistance

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Additional information


Blue (Light), Red (Heavy), Yellow (Medium)


Light and medium resistance bands 48" in length, Heavy is 52" in length


Natural rubber and reinforced foam handles


Shipping may vary depending on availability.


Use a non-toxic cleaning spray and cloth to wipe down after each use.


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