Pilates Mat Bundle


This specially priced bundle includes the most versatile professional-quality props that build core strength, re-balance muscles, improve strength, stamina and flexibility as well as target and repair injuries and other movement impairments. The Pilates Bundle is perfect for at home practitioners and instructors.  

The Pilates Mat Bundle includes the following equipment:

  • Pilates Ball (blue) – 7 ½” – 10″
  • 3 lb Dumbbell set (black)
  • Pilates Ring – 14″
  • Exercise Band – 5″ wide (orange)

Put your props to use + join us for a class:  Castle Hill Fitness Live Stream Class

**Shipping may vary depending on availability of specific items.

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Shipping may very on availability of each item.

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All Levels


Loop Exercise Band – Latex
Pilates Fusion Ball – Latex Free
Dumbbells – Solid metal; coated with neoprene + Latex-free
Pilates Ring – Padded handles and a latex-free, spring steel construction.


Use a non-toxic cleaning spray and cloth to wipe down after each use.


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