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The Grid Foam Roller is a step above traditional foam rollers. Made by Trigger Point Performance, this premium foam roller was designed with proprietary distrodensity zones, an innovative 3-dimensional surface that channels blood and oxygen to muscles. Use it after a long run or intense workout to improve muscle elasticity and promote tissue repair.

The Grid Foam Roller is also great for self-massage whenever you feel tight and sore. It will loosen tight muscles and break down the knots and kinks that prevent you from moving — and feeling — well.

The Grid Foam Roller features two distinct massaging textures for myofascial release. One area is low, smooth and flat to imitate a forearm. The second area features raised, firm bumps that mimic fingertips. Made with a hollow core and sturdy EVA foam construction, the Grid uses less foam than traditional foam rollers, so it’s more durable and lasts longer than other foam rollers too. 

At only 5” x 13”, the grid roller is compact and travel friendly. 

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EVA foam with a hollow core for durability.


5.5” x 13”


Use a non-toxic cleaning spray and cloth to wipe down after each use.


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