Fitness Tone Bundle – Beginner


Target all areas of your body with the beginner Fitness Tone Bundle.

The Fitness Tone Bundle includes the following equipment:

  • 1 Foam Block (blue)
  • 3 lb Dumbbell set (black)
  • 6 lb Dumbbell set (black)
  • Resistance Band with handles – Lightweight (blue)
  • Loop Exercise Band – Lightweight (blue)

Put your props to use + join us for a class:  Castle Hill Fitness Live Stream Class

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Loop Exercise Band – Latex
Resistance Band w/handles – Natural rubber tubing
Foam Block- Made of high-density foam material. Latex Free
Dumbbells – Solid metal; coated with neoprene + Latex-free


Use a non-toxic cleaning spray and cloth to wipe down after each use.


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