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Mandie Pitre

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Mandie Pitre
Mandie Pitre
Master Pilates Trainer
    Trainer Since: 2006

    Certifications: Wendy Leblanc Arbuckle, Second generation master Pilates teacher, "Core Connections" teacher training program.

    Specialties/Focus in Training: Rehabilitative Pilates, improving performance of athletes, having everyday people feel like champions in their bodies, creating holistic transformation via Pilates.
    Highlights/Accomplishments: I am a dancer and choreographer and have spent years using Pilates to transform my body and transform my dancing. I also have had the great fortune of training and working for one of the finest Pilates masters in the country. What I have to offer is not only an athletic workout but the knowledge to take any person's body and have them reach their potential regardless of age, athletic background, and body type. I am your personal cheerleader!

    Favorites: Dancing, choreographing, my community of peers and friends, my two Chihuahuas, the late swim at Barton Springs and, the margaritas at Polvos with good friends!

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