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"I've been a member of Castle Hill for over seven years now and this was my first time to attempt Pilates. Mandie made the experience very enjoyable and I look forward to..."

"I think Tara is great. It is very refreshing to work with her and she is very motivating."

"Castle Hill Fitness is an exceptional place. Thanks for providing such a first class facility and group of people. "
Randy Rice

"I'm very proud of you and proud to be a member of Castle Hill! "
Toni Thomasson

"Can't tell you how fortunate I feel to be hooked up with Carol and Tracey. They are knowledgeable, professional and both way cool. That gym is a lot cooler than I thought..."
Patrick K.

"I have had more personal attention from your staff in one month than I did in a year and a half at my old gym. "
Joe Wojtowicz

"Boot camp was so hard!! I have really, seriously, lost a lot of the strength I had before the wedding! At one point I thought I wouldn't make it through the class,..."
AnnaSummer Harrison

"Everything is so wonderful at Castle hill. I love going there. The best thing about it is the nice, low-key vibe that the whole facility has. I travel so much in my..."
Andrew Foote

"Castle Hill is different from other gyms because of the cool laid back atmosphere and it's not a meat market. What keep me coming back are the instructors. Great gym: clean,..."
Melody Thames

"Erin is a very seasoned trainer. She knows how to deal with people, she is highly accountable and a very pleasant person."
Master Trainer Erin

Castle Hill Fitness Community
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Concierge Team

Department Managers

Gordon Yang
Bike Shop Manager

Nicole Rause
Membership Accounts Manager

Executive Management Team

Amy Rogers
Marketing &
Program Manager

Celeste Cyr
Human Resources Manager

Sandra Gallegos
Customer Relations Manager

Vlad Glouchkov
Business Manager

Administrative Support Team

Alex Dotte
Personal Trainer + Webmaster

Kat Schaeffer
Special Projects Coordinator

Kerry Hugins
Programs Assistant + Social Media Coordinator

Master Trainers

Personal Trainers

Pilates Trainers

Wellness Therapists

Aaron Rubenstein

Jeanne Louviere
Massage Therapist

John Steinle
Massage Therapist

Julie Hagey
Massage Therapist

KB Imle

Mel Lara
Medical Esthetician

Michelle Metzler
Massage Therapist

Rachael Bercey
Massage Therapist

Shasta Lusk
Licensed Esthetician + Massage Therapist

Cycling Instructors

Yoga Instructors

Anna Gieselman
Yoga Instructor - Hatha

Anne Schultz
Yoga Instructor - Iyengar

Ari Witkin
Yoga Instructor - Vinyasa

Ashley Cheng
Yoga Instructor - Forrest

Ben Heath
Yoga Instructor - Vinyasa

Bob Flegal
Meditation Instructor

Charly Pivert
Yoga Instructor - Anusara®

Collette Hill
Yoga Instructor - Vinyasa

Courtney Bell
Fitness Concierge + Prana Yoga Instructor

Emily Murray
Yoga Instructor - Forrest Inspired

Gillian Barksdale
Yoga Instructor - Iyengar

Gioconda Parker
Yoga Instructor - Vinyasa

Jenn Coats
Yoga Instructor

Juan Anguiano
Yoga Instructor - Ashtanga Mysore

Julie Westervelt
Yoga Basics

Kate Bero
Yoga Instructor

Kim Schaefer
Yoga Instructor -

Maricarmen Wilson
Yoga Instructor - Vinyasa

Paula Shames
Yoga Instructor - Hatha

Tracey Silverman
Yoga Instructor - Forrest

Zoe Mantarakis
Yoga teacher

Food for Fitness Cafe

Bike Shop

Gordon Yang
Bike Shop Manager

Jerry Gerlich
Personal Trainer + Bike Fit Specialist

Housekeeping / Maintenance

Elvira Luna

Juan Lucas Balcon
Construction / Repairs

Sarah Castro

Zach Briones
Housekeeping / Maintenance

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