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About Castle Hill

  • Always check in at the front desk with your name or member card
  • Please wear appropriate shoes & attire while on the gym floor
    Please see our dress code for appropriate attire.
  • Use towels sparingly & return them to designated hampers
  • Dispose of trash in waste bins and plastic in our recycling bins
  • Return props & mats, especially those borrowed from classrooms
  • Do not take indoor mats &/or soft medicine balls outside for any reason
  • Always spray down equipment & mats after use
  • Re-rack rubber weight plates after use
  • Use a spotter when handling heavy free weights
  • Do not jerk, slam, or drop weights
  • Schedule a FREE orientation at our front desk if you are unfamiliar with any equipment
  • Children under the age 14 must be supervised by parent or trainer at all times
  • Report any maintenance issues to the front desk immediately
  • Show kindness & patience to everyone around you
  • We have a no cell phone policy, kindly take these calls on our front or back porch
  • We listen! Please express your concerns with a manager before they turn into problems
Read our dress code...