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Unique Equipment

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The Treadwall is a rotating rock climbing wall that moves in response to the weight of your body. The rate of the wall's descent can be adjusted from a comfortable cadence to a high-intensity pace with the turn of a dial. In addition, intensity can be regulated by changing the angle of the wall anywhere from an easy slope to a severe overhang. The best part is no special attire or shoes are needed to get started!

What are the benefits?

The Treadwall provides a safe and effective method of working a basic movement pattern that requires coordination, flexibility, strength and endurance. As the climber becomes more proficient at climbing, intensity can be regulated by adjusting speed, angle, and duration.


The Treadwall includes an 'auto-stop' toggle that detects if one's foot passes the bottom of the wall and will pause momentarily to allow the climber to resume climbing before touching the ground. A secondary benefit of this option is that two people may climb simulataneously, i.e. the wall will allow the slower climber to catch up rather than getting spent.

For more advanced climbers, the Treadwall can be useful for training endurance and coordination for outdoor climbs, or as an alternative during inclement weather. Color-coded mounted handholds of various shapes and sizes allow multiple climbing routes that can be catered to the level of the climber. In addition, aggressive overhangs can be tackled with the turn of a wheel. For the true masochist, we provide weighted vests for an added challenge.

How much does it cost?

It's absolutely FREE to use for all members and guests!