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Unique Equipment

BodPod Core Trainer Endless Rope Infrared Sauna Inversion Jacobs Ladder Power Plate PowerTower Treadwall Yoga Walls

Features of Endless Rope

  • ROM (Range of Motion)
  • Climb with no pressure
  • Wide variety of exercise postures, imagination is only limitation
  • Fitness Platform = ROM, Plane, Resistance
  • Can increase speed or resistance, but former will accomplish latter


  • Overall conditioning
  • Better daily functioning performance
  • Improved eye/hand coordination

  Exercise Variations

reverse grip

regular grip
Digit Progression – work one finger at a time
  • Increases sensitivity, power, ROM, grip strength
  • 15-20 reps
  • Turn palms in/out, sup/pro, radial, twist (wrist flex, forearm, fingers), grip upside down

BICEPS – GREAT for swimmers, basketball, football players
  • Concentrate on pulling action
  • BACK TO MACHINE, arms behind back, bring to center line, to shoulder (right to right, left to left)
  • Cross back (stretch lats) – right to left
  • Can do high reps or high resistance
  • FACE MACHINE Thumbs down, pull to chest, elbows high(delts, outer head biceps, brachioradialus)
  • Thumbs up, elbows in (chest and biceps)

  • Hands face high, elbows 90 degrees
  • Concentrate on pushing action
  • Extend elbows, change hand positions sup/pro, push across/out

  • Full ROM by starting at top right then push across to left, repeat other side
  • NOTE: To engage chest, start top right, bring point of elbow down, close to chest, towards center line, can do seated OR standing

CORE – TRUNK – pull across
  • LOWER BACK – pull in lower back, tummy
  • ABS – Use foot plate, legs outstretched, then bend 30-40 degrees, scoot forward on seat, lean back slightly (increases tension), open and close thorax, pull down
  • NOTE: change to push for triceps work
  • Add tension by lifting leg and/or leaning back
  • Double Overhead Chop – thrust ribs out, TWIST right, left, middle (obliques and transverse abs)