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Erin Feil

Erin Feil
Erin Feil
Yoga Instructor
Having moved all over the country as an Army brat, Erin has been happily planted in Austin for over 20 years and she's loved it, through all its growing pains. She has a deep affection for the outdoors and is an avid camper, hiker, and adventurer.
Minoring in philosophy, her interest in yoga was first piqued by Stephen Phillips' Yoga Philosophy course at UT in 2010.  The asana tutelage of a friend and Anusara-style teacher ensued, further heightening Erin's respect for the practice, and she finally gave in to fate and pursued training as an instructor. Since then she's been sharing yoga in studio and corporate settings, offering mindfulness and movement to folks at work in institutions like The University of Texas and the Office of the Attorney General.
Appropriate for all levels, Erin‘s sessions are full of laughter, learning, and sweat. She leaves room in her classes for questions and discussion, making them a wonderful opportunity to deepen one's practice, improve posture and movement off the mat, or feed one's inner kinesiology geek. While her classes are peppered with restorative and core conditioning poses, her heart belongs to the Vinyasa Flow style, so one can expect a fair amount of focus on the joining of breath and movement.
Joined the Castle Hill Fitness Team in: 2018
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