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Ben Heath

Ben Heath
Ben Heath
Yoga Instructor
As far back as he can remember Ben has been a seeker. It wasn't until he began the practice of yoga several years ago that he realized "this was it", and has dedicated himself completely to the practice. Now he spends the majority of his time traveling, primarily for yoga trainings, and learning various modalities of bodywork.
With a steady drive for knowledge and self discovery, Ben is continually exploring new ways to learn so that he can share more fully the practice of yoga in his classes. Ben is a licensed massage therapist specializing in deep tissue, corrective work. He spends most of his time working on yoga practitioners so that his clients can get the most out of their practice. Ben's belief is that yoga is a path of self discovery and healing, physical health, and ultimately a heightened sense of awareness of the beauty and love that this life has to offer. Ben infuses his deep understanding of anatomy and alignment, his studies in philosophy and meditation into every class, leading to a well rounded, challenging practice. His belief is that when yoga is practiced in its entirety, the natural evolution is awareness of the self and our inherent connection to all beings.
Certified Yoga Instructor
Joined the CHF Team in: 2012

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12:00PM - 1:00PMVinyasa Flow, Level 1-2 CHF Downtown
 DETAILS24 of 24 open
Room: Chakras

An evolving form of traditional Hatha yoga that focuses on linking breath and movement. Focus on strength and endurance, alongside the usual elements of flexibility, balance, and alignment. Levels 1-2

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